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Brittany and Artur Brooklyn Proposal


Brittany Michelle and Artur Przyborowski both grew up in Lindenhurst village in Suffolk County, New York. The couple graduated the high school together, but at that time they didn’t know it will be a happy ever after story. Even thou they knew each other since high school they were not dating till they met randomly at the bar and started talking after that. And that’s how its starts and continues for 4 years till Artur finally decided to pop the question. “I choose the spot because we love to come to Brooklyn and try different pizza there, thats sort of our thing. The place for the proposal was near “Paulie Gees” and we went there one time and the view was wonderful. The whole city is on your background and its very private and intimate area.” “I was super nervous and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it started with “So I took you here for a reason and not just for pizza” shared Artur.


“I could see that she had absolutely no idea what was going on. Of course she said Yes!” After the first shocking news Artur added little more emotions by the surprise showing of Brittany’s parents, who were watching everything from far away. “I can see that she was caught off guard and completely shocked”. Later on that happy day the newly engaged couple continues the celebration with friends and family members and that’s how the new chapter starts.


Congratulations to Brittany and Artur!

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