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5 Creative Proposal Ideas That You Can Do Right Now

Summer is always here and its the right time to start planning your surprise engagement. Here are our 5 creative proposal ideas that you can use right now.


1. The caricatures artist.


This proposal is always fun and very surprising. So how does it works? You and your partner stroll around the central park and at the pre-arranged spot you will see our street artist, who will suggest you pose for the picture. You say yes and take a sit. In 3 minutes he will ask if you want to check the sketch and turn the picture, where you will see ” will you marry me” sign and drawing of you two. You get on your knee and propose. Don’t forget that our secret photographer Vlad Leto will be documenting the whole event from a distance. and of course, you keep the picture.

2.  The second creative marriage proposal idea will be our Beauty and the Beast theme proposal.


This is probably the most romantic and emotional proposal from this group. We set up space with hundreds of LED candles and string lights, the enchanted rose in a glass cupola is placed in the center and ” Tale as old as time ” is playing from the speakers. We usually set it up in Central Park or on the private rooftop and in both cases its always a shock for the partner to realize that all that was organized for her.

3. Next creative idea will be the proposal with Flash Mob.


But instead of dancing flash mob,  we love to use the singers.  It is not just an a Capella group, it is professional actors, who can sing and dance, which makes the whole experience unforgettable. Just imagine sitting at the restaurant with your partner and witness random people getting up from the different tables and sing, that sounds awesome. What is its the whole restaurant? You can check out restaurant take over marriage proposal video here and tell us what you think.

4. the 4th creative idea that you can do right now will be the Speakeasy Proposal.


This is our new package and we are very excited to offer it to our clients. So, this package consists of two parts: first one – you take a guided tour around the city on a vintage car. Your personal tour guide will tell you all about the NY in the early 20s, and at some point, the car will stop and he will suggest you check the oldest speakeasy bar. That’s where the second part begins. You open a door and a room full of candles appeared in front of you. That’s when you propose. This is a perfect proposal for couples who want to learn something new about the history of the greatest city in the world.

5. And the last one will be our favorite Newspaper Proposal.


This is a very fun and creative way to declare your love. Imagine walking in a park and see a bunch of strangers sitting on the bench. On a count of three, all of the turn the page and you will see “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” written on the pages. Always shocking and fun. And this is a perfect proposal to incorporate friends and family too.

If you planning to propose but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create an unforgettable proposal experience.

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