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Proposal 007 offers unique photography and video services for your proposal. Our company guarantees the best proposal images before, during and after you’ve popped the question. 

Our proposal photographer NYC will covertly follow you and your partner before the proposal, taking pictures as you get ready to ask your partner for his/her hand in marriage. We will capture your partner’s surprise as you finally propose. And after your proposal, the photographer will join you and your significant other for additional candid couples’ pictures.


With our star proposal photographer Vlad Leto, we will create a photo story of your marriage proposal. Before the proposal, we will send you a detailed route from your location or hotel to your chosen proposal spot. On the day of your proposal, our photographer will take pictures before, during and after you’ve popped the question. We use special, paparazzi-style equipment so that your significant other will never find out about your intentions until the time is right.




While planning your marriage proposal, we will also take the time to discuss and plan your proposal video. If you choose the Secret Proposal Film package,  we will record an interview with you, which we will then edit into our final proposal film. If you are located in NYC, we can arrange an appointment in our studio. Once you’ve told us about your plans, we’ll start scripting and planning positions and roles for our team on the big day, as well as where you and your friends/family (if you want them in on the secret!) will be. On the day itself, we will capture the whole occasion on video. After the proposal, we will record a chat with you and your significant other about your experience of the day. We will then edit all of this together using professional equipment, splice in your chosen song, and present you with your full proposal story.



Our recent proposal photoshoots

Secret Engagement Photographer

The second most important element in planning your proposal is likely to be finding the right photographer. It is very important to choose an engagement photographer who will remain discreet and, at the same time, capture brilliant pictures of your proposal.


Our professional team knows exactly how to take a winning proposal picture, the best times, the best lighting, and the best poses, as well as how you should position your significant other in order to capture the moment in the best way possible.


You might think at this stage that this all sounds difficult to remember; don’t worry, we will send you an assistive map with all of the necessary routes for you to ensure your proposal runs smoothly.


Our photography team has captured more than 1,500  secret proposals in the city. In 2014, The New York Times called Vlad Leto the ‘best engagement photographer in New York.’ That accolade since created a media sensation around Vlad, and now more than a hundred different magazines from all over the world have published interviews, videos, and articles about him.

Marriage Proposal Video

These days, video is a must for proposal planning. Even though wedding videos are still the most popular, proposal videos are starting to become a new trend. Proposal videos are more personal and more intimate, as they record just the two of you, with no concern about other people. Our video production team will make a high-quality, professional video of your marriage proposal and edit the song of your choice into it.

Secret Wedding Photographer

Our secret proposal photographer Vlad Leto has received worldwide recognition for his secret photography work. The New York Times, NBC Channel 4 New York, Business Insider, Euro News, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Path Finder, Onedio, Fotomen, Vanilla Magazine, Photoblog, La Republica and many other media outlets have recognized his work as the best ‘secret proposal’ photographer in New York.


The main idea behind our work at Proposal 007 is to keep the photographer’s presence secret in order to capture natural and unexpected emotions from our subjects. We use high-quality, professional cameras and premium, paparazzi-style, long-range tele-zoom lenses for our secret shoots. Our photographer will follow you privately while you walk to the place of your proposal; then he will capture the actual proposal. Once you’ve popped the question, the photographer will show himself and take a few couples’ pictures. Finally, you will receive a mini-story of your proposal in pictures.