5 Year Anniversary Surprise Proposal

Luc and his girlfriend of 5 years Sev were traveling to New York for a fun anniversary celebration. Luc knew that this will be a very special trip as he already talked to us about the proposal and everything was organized and planned. Sev meanwhile had no ideas that something was going on and just followed her boyfriend lead. On a Saturday morning, Luc suggested going to the park for a wine tasting event. It doesn’t sound like a good plan for his girlfriend, but after some winning, she agreed to go.

It was an extremely hot day in New York and Sev was very concerned about the whole wine idea. When they crossed the Bow Bridge, she asked her boyfriend again where were they going and Luc toke her hand and bring her in the middle of the rose heart.

Luc proposed with the people cheering around him. That was very exciting and his fiance keeps asking how did he bring the ring as she was the one packing their luggage.

Congratulations on your engagement and hope to see you next year for the wedding!

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