How to incorporate the five senses in your marriage proposal?

The ideal formula for the successful marriage proposal is actually very simple. You need to incorporate all five senses into your engagement to make in unforgettable. We have five basic senses that are used as our methods of perception. These senses are touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Let’s go in detail over each of them:

    1. Sight

Location and decorations play a very important role as it is the first thing your partner gonna see. Try to choose the location with the beautiful view, maybe a skyline of the city or a scenic lookout. Your decorations must compliment the place and create unity. For this proposal, we choose a private gazebo with the Manhattan skyline. This place is very cinematic by itself, so decide to add minimum decor and just create this summer feeling. We always recommend adding your partner’s favorite colors to decor. Alie told us that his girlfriend loves pink, so we add different shades of pink, which looks in harmony with the whole set up color scheme.


2. Smell

When you choosing the proposal location it is important to think this through as well. It is better to choose a location that smells like flowers ( because we use real flowers) and freshness rather than a restaurant that smells like food or a public place where people can smoke nearby. If you setting a proposal by yourself, never use the fake rose petals. They smell very bad, look fake, and very harmful to the environment. Always use fresh flowers and you can take them home after the engagement.


3. Hearing

We always recommend having music during the engagement. It can be your favorite song playing on a background from the speakers or the live musician. Live music is always produced a more dramatic effect, especially if its a violin or a string quartet.  If you want the musician to play and sing the song, a guitarist will be the best option. Also, your proposal speech is included in this section. Many women complain that when their partner was proposing he did not say anything except ” will you marry me?”, which is the main question, but they want to hear why their partner wants to marry them. It doesn’t mean that you should prepare 2 hour-long presentations, but think of why you want to be with your partner, what is it in them that makes your heart race, and include that in your speech.


2. Touch

When you proposing to your partner hold their hand, look into their eyes, and kiss them. We are not saying that you need constantly touch your partner, but show some signals of affection to them. Also, when we talking of touch we thinking of the outfit that you both wear. As it is important to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. If you have a fancy shirt that you know will look good on the pictures, but its material irritates your skin, don’t put it on for your engagement. Choose a more simple, but comfortable look instead.


1. Taste

When you planning a marriage proposal always think of what you will be doing next.  Either has a table reserved at the restaurant or arrange a friend and family surprise party. But always have a plan, don’t leave this to your partner. Most likely they still are in shock of the whole thing and would feel lost if you ask ” what do you want to do next”. There are lots of beautiful restaurants in New York, so you always can find something for your taste. Keep in mind that every restaurant asking for a reservation, so do that in advance. Also try not to travel too far, look for a place not far away from your proposal. For this proposal, Alie had a planned picnic, so it was another beautiful surprise for his fiancee.



We hope that you find this useful and now when you will be planning your unique proposal you will have this formula in mind. We also want to thank @k_rphotos for these beautiful images.



If you planning to propose but not sure where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unique marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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