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Grand NYC rooftop proposal

 We matched online on a dating app back in August 2017. She lived all the way in Houston, Texas and I lived in Detroit, Michigan. We talked for a whole year and finally agreed to meet in October 2018. Love at first sight. Instant connection. She’s is so the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on. Her smile brightens up the whole room. She has a huge heart and such a kind, genuine soul. She felt at home. I knew instantly I wanted to marry Saman.

We have been in a long-distance relationship for over 2 years now. It was definitely not easy and the hardest thing I ever did. We don’t have the advantage to meet every day or go on dates. Our relationship consists of a lot of phone calls and Facetime. We go on virtual dates together, whether to just grabbing a bite to eat or Netflix & Chilling. We make sure to make time for one another no matter how hectic or busy our schedule is. We are exactly 1,359 miles apart, but she is worth every mile between us. She is my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. Distance means so little when she means so much to me. When I’m with her, hours feel like seconds. And when I’m apart from her, days feel like years. The distance taught us to appreciate the limited days we spent together and the true meaning of patience.  No matter what, we made sure to cherish every moment and never take it for granted. I don’t think long-distance relationships are really that difficult, distance is just a test of how strong our relationship is. It’s the distance that builds trust, Loyalty, and gave us a foundation for a healthy relationship.

The coincidence of the proposal date is that back on October 30th, 2017- I sent her a message on Snapchat stating “Why? Are you trying to put Ghazali there?” She just graduated from nursing and landed a job. They spelled her name wrong. She flew back on 10/29/18 and the next day I asked her to be my girlfriend on October 30, 2018. To be honest, our wedding was supposed to be on 10/30/2020! But because of COVID-19, we had to reschedule for 2021. I handpicked her ring and shipment was delayed. I wanted to propose to her on this because this date is so special to us, it was honestly a coincidence. It’s crazy! She’s the best thing I have ever waited for. I cannot wait to marry her.

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