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Best marriage proposal ideas for 2021

A marriage proposal is always a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for any couple. In the past ( pre-pandemic), flash mob proposals, destination engagements, and Times Square Billboard engagement were definitely a big hit, now we see different trends. Couples are more interested in private venues, private rooftops with skyline views, family and dogs are included almost in every proposal, staycations are new vacations and creativity is rising.

So what are the new proposal trends for 2021?

1. Staycations 

Staycation is the combination of two words, ‘ Stay’ and ‘ vacation’, and who would think that you can stay on vacation in your own city. This is a perfect way to re-discover your city and surprise your partner with a creative marriage proposal she won’t forget. New York is a million destinations in one. You can find everything here, so why not go on vacation? 

Plan your romantic weekend together, get a room at that nice hotel you always heard of ( and you would be surprised how affordable the hotels now), reserve a private dining cabin, and take your partner on vacation. 

How to propose on a staycation?  

Hotel room makeover, one of the most surprising proposal ideas you can do now. Imagine her surprise, when you opening the door and instead of the classic room she sees flowers, ” Marry Me?” balloon sign and candles? What a wonderful way to start your vacation in New York. 

2. At-home proposals 

This proposal trend became very popular during the quarantine and most likely this year it will evolve even more. Home proposals are always sweet and sentimental, but right now it became more extravagant and creative. We are talking about a complete home makeover, dramatic rooftop transformation, or exotic vacation backyard upgrade. 

Looking for  cute at-home proposal ideas?

Always pay attention to details, your partner would definitely be surprised and appreciate your effort.  Declutter the space and decorate the room with candles and fairy lights. Create a slideshow of your best memories together and don’t forget the flowers. Want to bring your proposal to the next level? Hire a private chef and experience restaurant-quality food at home. 

3. Scenic outdoor proposals 

After saying at home for so long we all want to go out and move. We see that our clients became more active and outdoor proposals became more popular. Private boat engagement, helicopter ride proposals, ice skating marriage proposal, private mini-golf surprise proposal, you name it. Couples want to go outside and be active.

How to propose outdoors?

A private boat marriage proposal in New York is absolutely a stunning idea. What can be more romantic than sail around the city and enjoy the skyline views from your private cabin? Add proposal decorations and a private photographer to your boat experience and surprise your partner with a beautiful marriage proposal of her dreams. Want to make it even more romantic? Add dining entertainment to your experience and enjoy live music while sampling the exquisite food made just for you two. 

Marriage proposal ideas during covid definitely evolved and became more personal and elaborate. This is the perfect time to let your creativity shine and show your partner how much they mean to you. With all being said, we can’t wait to plan and execute more unforgettable marriage proposals in New York.

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