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Best places for a Cherry Blossom Theme Proposal

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. So if you planning to pop the question with these beautiful flowers on your background its the right time.


Where to watch the Cherry Blossom and how to build a proposal around it?

1) Visit the Central Park


The spring has finally made its way to the city and the park is glowing with the colors. If you entering the park from the 72 street and Central Park, a lot of trees are right there. It looks beautiful. Another good spot is the Cherry Hill Fountain, that area is covered with the blossoming trees. So you can propose by the Wagners Cove, which is only couple steps away and after do a photo session by the trees.

2) Visit Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park at the Roosevelt Island


That place is magical. The whole trip to the island is very exciting as you taking an aerial tramway and can see the city from the birds eye. When you reach the park, you wont believe you still in NY. Its very calm and isolated, you have Long Island City on one side and Manhattan view on the other side. Perfect place to propose.

3) Join  the Cherry Blossom festival at Prospect Park.


Sakura Matsuri 2018 Cherry Blossom Festival is a perfect cover for a marriage proposal. Yes it will be busy and lots of people around, so plan to come earlier. Propose by the beautiful Cherry trees and after celebrate the engagement and enjoy the festival.

4) Visit the Riverside Park  Cherry Walk


Beautiful riverside park located between 100 and 125th streets on the west side is city hidden gem. The park is ideal for romantic proposals and surprise proposal picnics. Riverside Park has its own Sakura Park with a beautiful cherry walk featuring trees gifted from the Committee of Japanese Residents of New York. So if you looking for a quiet place to propose, this might be your spot.

5) Spend a day at the New York Botanical Garden


This place is ideal for a romantic day off. Invite your partner for a walk and enjoy the beauty of the nature. The gardens here are truly remarkable. You can find the cherry trees by the Ross Conifer Arboretum. New York Botanical Garden is famous for its wedding ceremonies and you can guess why. This place is very charming and romantic. If you looking for a quiet, intimate proposal this might be your ideal place.

Weather its a festival in the Prospect Park or romantic walk in the Botanical Garden, make this day special for both of you. Maybe discuss with your partner in advance your blooming outfits and pick some pink accessories. Like our couple here: They really wanted to experience the Sakura Matsuri Festival, so they talked in advanced about the outfits for that day. Of course she had no idea that it also will be a marriage proposal, but look how beautiful her dress is and its matching the cherry theme. Amazing proposal, wonderful pictures and love. Or maybe you will decide to make a proposal picnic at the Riverside Park, choose the pink flowers and napkins. This is really that time of the year when colors are enhancing the proposal. So go wild and be creative. And hurry up, the blossom will be finished within 2 weeks. 

Hurry up, the cherry blossom will be finished soon.

Tatiana Caicedo

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