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Best places to propose in Miami, Florida

Miami is known all over the world as a center of vibrant nightlife, luxury resorts, and beautiful beaches. This is also a beautiful city for a romantic getaway, vacation, or a marriage proposal. Because of warm weather year-around, this city is perfect for outdoor engagements, and thanks to beautiful beaches, historic locations, luxury villas, and gorgeous gardens there are plenty of places to choose from.


Here are the best 5 places to propose in Miami

Candlelight heart marriage proposal on the beach


This beautiful setup is ideal for the Floridian beaches, where white sand and the blue ocean looks fantastic on the pictures. Just imagine walking on the beach and seeing the candle lights from far away. Suggest your partner walk closer and check what this all about. When you reach the heart, take your partner’s hand and step inside the heart. Get on one knee and ask the main question. Of course, don’t forget to hire the photographer to capture the beautiful moment. If you looking for a ” wow ” factor consider adding gigantic ‘Marry Me’ sign into the proposal.

Preferred location: Dania Beach, North Shore Open Space Park, parts of South Beach.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


One of the most picturesque locations in Miami, this former villa is surrounded by Italian Renaissance gardens, native woodland landscapes, and antiques from the 15th century. This place is filled with the perfect proposal locations, all you need to do is just to choose the one you like. If you decide to propose at Vizcaya you really don’t need any other props as this place is absolutely beautiful.

Our most favorite proposal spot at the Vizcaya is the Tea House. It is a beautiful structure located on the waterfront, with the perfect ocean views and natural lights. It is the most photographed location in the gardens, so you need to come earlier to get the spot all for yourself. To make your proposal more exciting, hire a group of people who will display ‘ will you marry me’ sign once you get on one knee. And you just have to have a photographer on-site when you proposing at Vizcaya as there are so many picture-perfect locations in there.

Best proposal spots: waterfront, the garden mound, the center of the garden, stairs to the garden mound.

Romantic beach proposal


Miami is famous for its beaches so, of course, you can plan your proposal there. Romantic picnic proposal is perfect for the couples who love to be outdoors and wouldn’t mind getting some sand in their shoes. We particularly would recommend to propose during the sunset and then enjoy a glass of chill champagne and admire the views. To add more romance into the proposal hire a professional musician, who would perform the song of your choice while you proposing.

For the location, you can either set it upright on the beach or choose a more scenic spot, like the Matheson Hammock Park or Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Private rooftop marriage proposal


Y0u can choose between the vibrant Miami skyline or the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop for this romantic marriage proposal. There is nothing like proposing to your partner in a private setting with the open sky and city lights all around you. To enhance the experience, add the gigantic Led “Marry Me “sign and candles to your proposal. And of course, don’t forget the photographer.

If you are not a shy couple and you dont mind public attention, propose to your partner on one of those rooftop bars, “Watr” at the 1 Rooftop, ” Sugar”, ” Vista”, ” Edge” bar

Private helicopter ride proposal


Add some excitement into your big day and schedule a private helicopter tour around the city. Travel above the Star Island and check the celebrity houses, enjoy the beauty of South Beach, Fisher Island, and Key Biscayne. Propose in the air or upon return to the airport. We can place a table with champagne and Marry Me sign by the arrival. This idea is also perfect for friends and family celebrations, as they wait for you at the airport and make a surprise appearance.

For the clients who are planning to propose in Miami, we are really hoping this little guide gives you some inspiration, but there is so much more to explore there. Contact us now at to start planning your romantic marriage proposal in this beautiful city.

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