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Best places to propose indoors during the winter in New York

Winter in New York is absolutely unpredictable. It can snow and rain on the same day and the next day it will be sunny and warm. It is definitely very hard to predict what the weather is going to be like on your proposal day, so if you know that your partner won’t like the cold and wouldn’t appreciate the snowy day engagement in the park, definitely plan for the indoor proposal. Here are our best indoor proposal locations in New York for the winter season.

Luxury Penthouse with the terrace 

The beauty of the Penthouse engagement is that you can propose in a private setting and fully customize your proposal. With both an inside room and an outside terrace, you can plan an outdoor proposal and then get into the room for celebration. As it is a private space you can invite close friends and family to share the moment with you. It is also more convenient for the couples to have the inside room as they can take off the winter jackets and take engagement pictures in nice outfits. And you even can stay overnight at some of the penthouses. Don’t forget to consult with our proposal planner about the unique proposal design for your engagement.

Grand Central Terminal 

Believe it or not, the Grand Central Terminal is famous for its  Clock Tower proposals. This is a very busy location, but there are so many photo opportunities here. The stunning celestial ceiling is ideal for engagement pictures and the stairs at the main concourse are a perfect spot for the styled shoots. You can propose at the whispering gallery and then take the elevator to the Campbell Apartment, NYC’s oldest speakeasy bar, for celebration. Grand Central proposal is definitely not for shy couples, but it is a great location when it’s cold and rainy outside. You won’t be able to do a romantic setup in here, so don’t forget to hire a photographer, to capture the surprise moment.

Private Bookstore 

New York City is known for its hidden bookstores, so if you are one of those couples who love to read a good book this might be a perfect location for you. Imagine walking to a private bookstore decorated with candles and the ‘ Marry Me?’ sign, asking your partner their hand in marriage and celebrating with a glass of champagne. It is a perfect proposal idea for shy couples as the place will be completely empty and reserved just for the two of you. After the proposal, you can walk around the store and take pictures. Perfect proposal idea for a cold winter in New York.

Private carousel in Brooklyn 

This private indoor location is truly a piece of art. Located in the Dumbo area in Brooklyn, Jane’s Carousel has everything you need for a perfect proposal. Its private, warm and has the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. This is a perfect place for a large group, so you can invite your friends and family for the post-proposal celebration. If you are looking for a private, indoor location with a view, Jane’s Carousel is all you need. You can decorate the area with flowers and candles or even get the large ‘ Marry Me’ sign and place it in front of the carousel. Of course, don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture all that fun.

Private Christmas Booth 

New York’s Christmas Markets are thriving around the city. This is a perfect indoor Christmas idea for couples who love a good laugh. Imagine walking around the Holiday market and getting to one of those booths that sell the ornaments. The sales representative would show you the tree and tell you to get any ornament you want from it. You picked the ball and open it, for your partner’s amusement there will be an engagement ring inside, you propose and she wonders how did you do all that. This private indoor proposal in New York is perfect for clients who want to get their partner by surprise. And of course, our secret photographer will be there to capture the moment.

Metropolitan Museum 

Metropolitan Museum is a perfect proposal place year-round. You can easily find an empty gallery room to pop the question and spend the rest of your time exploring the museum. There is a nice rooftop bar, where you can celebrate your engagement. And so many great photos opportunities inside and around the museum. For a change of scenery, you can walk to Central Park and continue your engagement session there. At any weather, the Metropolitan Museum is a great indoor location for a surprise proposal.

Private Dining Room 

With more than 68 Michelin-star restaurants in New York, you can easily pick one and propose over dinner. If you looking for a more interesting proposal option, choose the private dining room, where you can decorate the area and propose in the intimate atmosphere. A private dining room proposal is definitely a unique luxury experience and you and your partner will remember this moment forever.

Bethesda Terrace 

Bethesda Terrace is a perfect covered place for a Central Park proposal. It is not a private spot, but if you come here after the sunset there is usually no one around. It is a great location for couples who are going to or from the restaurant in the park. The terrace is a real piece of art and looks absolutely stunning in the pictures. We love setting out candlelight heart proposals here as it blends perfectly in the architectural style of the terrace. You can also take the horse and carriage ride to the upper level of the terrace and walk down the stairs to the proposal spot. It is a perfect winter location for a marriage proposal.

Observation Deck 

There are five observation decks in New York and all of them have inside areas where you can pop the question. This is a perfect idea for the clients who want to propose with the stunning Manhattan skyline views and be inside. Every observation deck has its own unique features and you need to check them individually to see which one you like the best. But always keep in mind, no one can guarantee that on your proposal day there will be a clear view, so always have a plan’ B’ in this case. Other than that, it is a perfect way to propose indoors and then walk outside for the engagement session. Make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture the big surprise.

Private Gallery 

Can you imagine proposing at the private gallery space in the oldest townhouse in New York? This location is ideal for cold winter engagements, just imagine walking around the gallery and as you open one of the doors you stumble upon a rose garden made especially for you, you get inside and propose. This location has a lot of photo opportunities and you can even celebrate your engagement with a glass of champagne. Perfect indoor proposal spot for couples who are seeking privacy and customization. You will be working directly with our proposal planner to create one of a kind proposal design for your engagement.

Hotel Room

A hotel room makeover is a perfect way to propose when it’s cold outside and you have a great hotel room with a view. Usually, we come before the check-in and transform the room with decorations, so that when the couple arrives and they open the door the surprise is inevitable. The hotel room proposal is an ideal indoor proposal location and it’s totally private, but it doesn’t have a lot of photo opportunities. But the Hotel itself does. Most of the hotels have stunning lobbies and restaurants, that are perfect for the pictures. Plus if the hotel is located in a good area you can always walk outside and take pictures in the park or on the streets.

Winter proposal in New York can be very tricky as you never know how the weather will be on your big day, so we always recommend looking for indoor proposal locations so that you can propose in a nice setting, without stressing too much about the things you can’t control. If you are planning to propose this Holiday season in New York and don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience in New York.

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