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Candlelight Marriage Proposal in Central Park

When our clients are planning a surprise marriage proposal in New York, the first question we asked is ” Do you want your proposal to be public or private?” and of course almost everyone wants to propose in private. What we discovered, is that you can have a private proposal at the public place.

Central Park has so many little hidden gazebos, that at the right time you can have it all for yourself.

Things you need to keep in mind when planning your private proposal in the public space. 

  1. Day of the week. It goes without saying that weekdays are less crowded than the weekend.
  2. Time. Most of the people are staying at the part till the sunset, after the sunset there really not that many people around.
  3. Time of the year. Winter months are less popular than the summer and fall.

Now you might ask ” But what about the permit? If I have it, I am guaranteed to have the place all for myself”. Yes, that is correct. You will have a legal right to ask anyone to leave the spot as you have a park permit. But people still can stand outside the permitted zone and witness the event. That is why it is important to choose the right place and time.

For this couple, we choose Wagner’s Cove as a marriage proposal spot. It is a beautiful, little cove located on the river bank. So even thou it is located in New York’s busiest park, it is very private and isolated. For the time we decided to do the proposal right after the sunset when the sky is still visible and the lamp posts are lightened up.


The best option for the evening proposal will be to use the led candles. Unlike the other companies, we are using large Led candles, which gives us additional light. String lights and Marry Me sign made this space so bright, you were able to see it from across the lake.

How to bring your partner to the park, without giving away the surprise:

When you planning a marriage proposal in the park after the sunset, you need to have a good explanation of why are you two going to the park at that hour. The best option will be to use the ” restaurant” cover. Central Park has two absolutely wonderful restaurants, which worth visiting and can be a great place to celebrate your engagement after.

So, how did he do it?

On a Friday night, our client told his girlfriend that his colleague invited him for the birthday dinner at the Loeb Boathouse restaurant. They knew that it was a nice place and they both need to look presentable, also because it was a ” Birthday Dinner”. On the way to the restaurant, Kadir noticed a little path going down to the lake and suggested to check it. When the couple was walking down the stairs, they saw lots of candles and Kadir suggested that it must be a movie set ( as Central Park is known for numerous movie shoots). He wanted to take a picture and start to walk closer. ” Wait, it says ” Marry Me'” – his girlfriend exclaim. And at that moment he took her by the hand and walked in the middle of the heart and propose. And it was a beautiful “YES”


  1. Use a believable story. Don’t lie too much.
  2. Dont stress too much and try to act normal.
  3. Act surprise as well. She won’t know its for her until you confirm it.
  4. Get on a knee first and then give a speech ( Just from experience, most of the girls do not remember what the partner was saying during the proposal as they are in shock. So keep it simple)
  5. You need to have a photographer. Nowadays it is a must.


How can we help?

We are specializing in marriage proposals and know the best proposal locations in the city. We also live in NY for 12 years and as “locals” can guide you through the city customs and recommend you the most interesting places for your big moment.

We know how important this step for you and we are here to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

We are a team of professional wedding planners and photographers, so your proposal will be covered from pictures to the tiny details of logistics.

If you planning to propose to your partner and dont know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage experience.

Tatiana and Vlad




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