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Cop Cop Marriage Proposal with 150 Led Candles

Cop Cot is one of the older structures in Central Park; it is a reproduction of one of the original wooden shelters that were common in the park in the late 1860s.┬áCot Cop can be found at 60th Street in the middle of the park, not far from Central Park South. The structure is located on the top of a small hill for which it was named. Cop Cot means “little house on the crest of the hill” in Scottish.


This is the perfect spot for a surprise proposals and romantic dates. The gazebo is off the tourist path, so its more private then most of the parts in the park.


That was exactly why, our client Andrew choose that  spot. He wanted to be in a park, but also to have a private romantic moment with his girlfriend.


For his proposal, we decided to decorate the gazebo with candles and fairy lights.


When they entered the park they saw some lights far up the hill and Andrew suggested to come up and check. the place. When they entered the Cop Cot, Andrew took his girlfriend by the hand and brought her to the middle of the lights. ” This is all for you” he said and got on one knee. It was very romantic moment and the place enchanted the engagement moment.


If you want to pop the question at the Cop Cot feel free to contact us directly. Oh and dont forget to hire the photographer.

Tatiana Caicedo

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