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Custom marriage proposal planning

Our client had a very specific vision of how he wants to propose to his partner. He wanted to have a Marry Me sign made from the real roses, private table, and best view of the Manhattan sunset. Knowing the city well we knew that the Dumbo area in Brooklyn would be ideal for this summer proposal. Our florist used more than a thousand┬áreal roses for this unique decor and the whole area smells like roses. When our client and his girlfriend walked in she was in shock, after saying ‘YES” she rushes to the phone to photograph the setup saying ” OMG, this is so pretty”. The couple enjoyed a glass of chill champagne while watching the sunset.


What is a custom proposal planning?


Custom marriage proposal planning means that the proposal will be tailored just for you, it will be something you have never seen before and it will be focused on you and your relationship. In other words, it is one of a kind setup build just for you. Will it be expensive? Yes.

If you planning to have a custom proposal be ready to spend more, as custom made decorations would be build just for you and it takes time and labor. In most cases, the planner will need between 3-4 months to create your unique setting, so the earlier you will reach out the better.


How does the planning process work?


  1. You will answer our relationship quiz.
  2. Based on your answers our proposal planner will come up with 3 unique ideas that would be based on your relationship and absolutely unique.
  3. You choose the idea you like the most and review the final quote.
  4. Our team will secure all vendors and send you a detailed plan with all the instructions.
  5. On the proposal day, we will stay in contact over the phone and navigate you through the day.
  6. You propose and keep the memories of your unforgettable proposal through the years

If you want to surprise your partner with the proposal she had never seen before then custom proposal planning is definitely for you.


What is the difference between us and the other planners who are offering custom proposal planning in New York?


Unlike many proposal planning companies that are based somewhere else and offering their services all over the states, we are a New York-based company. And we know the areas and regulations better than anybody else. Also, we are working with local businesses and small business owners, unlike big corporates or chain stores. We always physically present at the proposal and you can always text or call us and see what stage of the planning process we are.


If you planning to propose to your partner this fall season, but not sure where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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