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Custom Proposal Decorations

As a proposal planning company, we are offering to our clients not only planning and photography services but also customized event decor.  Every couple is different and it is impossible to have one option that will fit everyone, that is why we love to mix and match so that the client gets exactly what he wanted.

How does the custom design work?

First of all, custom design means that the client has a vision  and his venue and he is hiring us to bring that vision into reality. Usually, the client has his location and sends us the pictures of what he has in mind and we forward him either a list of vendors that he can hire by himself or a quote for the whole event. If he approves we start to work and hire all the needed vendors.

Pros of the custom design:

  1. First of all, it is personalization and individuality. You can be sure that the setup you will have for your marriage proposal is unique and made just for you.
  2. Unlike rentals, if you have some things made especially for your event, you can actually keep them after the event and have them as a souvenir from the proposal.
  3. You choose the location, so it can be something very personal to you or it can be your house or a friend’s backyard. You will have flexibility in changing the location if needed.


  1. Price. It goes without saying that the custom decor is much more expensive as it will be made just for you.
  2. Clean up. As everything will be made for you, you will be also responsible for dealing with it after the proposal. So if you have a giant custom sign with your names on it, most likely you will have to decide what to do with it after the proposal.
  3. Logistic and work with the vendor. As you choose the location and hire the planning company to help you with the decor, you will be the person in charge of the communication between the vendors and space. And it can be very stressful. You will need to have permission from the space to do decorations.
  4. When you only hire the decor team, that’s all they are going to do. Just the decor. So if you need someone to plan everything and make sure all the people you hired are on time  you need to hire a proposal planner. But the decor team is not planners and it is not their responsibility to deal with the logistics.


Examples: We recently had a client, who rented a luxury penthouse floor and wanted us to set up the decorations on the terrace. As he was the person who booked everything, he was dealing with the hotel management and us a decor vendor. On a proposal day, we arrived at the hotel and it turned out that he did not ask to move the furniture from the terrace and we did not have the hotel permission for that, so we had to set up between the chairs and tables. As a result, there was not much space for the proposal and it feels disorganized.

Another client was proposing at the yoga studio in a city. He chooses that spot and works with the studio manager directly. His plan was to have an empty studio with huge Marry Me balloons, candles, and flower heart.  The studio did not allow us to bring the balloons in advance, so we were able to get to the studio only 20 minutes before the proposal. Also, there was another event in another room and instead of a romantic and quiet engagement, we were having a loud birthday party.


So it goes without saying that in order to avoid all of those little problems you need to have a proposal planner. It is the best way to be sure that you actually will enjoy your day without side distractions and that everything will be in order.

If you planning to propose and have a location in mind that you want to use and just looking for a decoration, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most romantic marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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