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How to pull off a perfect marriage proposal

There are two things that everyone will be asking you after the engagement: to show the ring and tell the story of your proposal.  You want this moment to be perfect and unforgettable, but what does it takes to make an ideal proposal?

  1. Create an idea for your proposal

Perfect proposal starts with the idea. Make it personal and make it about her. You really need to know your partner well for that. Is she a shy person? Does she wants her friends and family to be there? Red roses or pink?

To help you with an idea, we usually asking to fill out the questionary forms that we can get some general information about your partner. After that we create 3 unique ideas for your choice. Of course, you can skip that step if you have an idea in mind. So that we can start the planning process right away.

Just keep in mind: it needs to be personal and it should be all about her. You want her to feel your love, to see the effort that you made to make her happy, so if you know she is a shy person dont propose on a Billboard with the flash mob. Yes its a spectacular proposal, but its what you would like to do, not that she was dreaming about.

2. Find that perfect engagement ring

This might be hard as well, but thats where your friends and family come in hand. You can ask her mother or best friend to find out the size and style that she wants. Or you can go with the simple and original ring. Also, we had couple of clients who proposed without the ring and gave their fiancee the chance to chose her own ring. That was a pretty good idea and girls enjoyed the ring shopping a lot.


If you want to choose the ring by yourself, again make it personal. Customized the ring, make an engraving, chose an interesting form of the diamond. She will appreciate it.

3. Incorporate what she likes

You know that your girlfriend likes to travel, or maybe she collects a little “hello kitty” dolls or maybe shoes is her real passion. Whatever it is, try to incorporate it into the proposal. Add her favorite flowers, oder her favorite champagne. As one of our recent clients did, he knew she would like to look stunning on a pictures, so he purchase the perfect dress and matching shoes, hired a make up and hair stylist, so when she was ready, she was glowing with happiness. It is one of your most beautiful and important days, so you need to enjoy it.

4. Bring her family to the proposal

This is very important moment and its great to share that joy and happiness with your family. Invite her friends and family for the proposal, let them be a part of your day. If some family members cant come, do the live streaming on a private youtube channel, so that no one would be left behind.


You can have some private time and ask the family to join you in some time after. It is also a great surprise and makes the proposal very special. Will definitely take her off guard and will makes her wonder how did you plan all that.

5. Hire a photographer

Make sure you hire a professional photographer for your engagement. You want to remember this moment forever, she would love to post the pictures on social media and send it to all her friends, so secret proposal photographer should be on your list. Of course you can have a friend or family member, who can snap some pictures on the phone, but its not the same. Photographers are using a professional equipment, they know how to work with the light and how to make pictures look good. Besides, you dont want your friend working while the rest of the family will be celebrating.


Also, its a good investment as you can use this pictures later for save the date invitation.

6. Be in the moment

You popped the question, she said “YES”, now its your time to relax and enjoy that moment. Own it. Now you dont need to hide anything from her, tell her the whole story, tell her how you was planning everything, how you asked her fathers blessing, be yourself, be emotional.


Its really beautiful to see tough guys showing the emotions. Be in the moment for 100%, show your partner how important and meaningful this moment for you.

Some simple DONTS.

  1. Don’t try to make the proposal epic. Its not about your ego, its about you and your relationships.
  2. Don’t break your bank. You really dont need to spend a fortunate on your engagement. It can be simple, but romantic and meaningful. Its you, what she cares about and not the money you spend.
  3. Don’t hire “jack of all trades”. Photographers are not proposal planners, planners are not photographers and so on.
  4. Don’t use your phone to capture the moment. We literary had a couple of guys holding a phone in front of their girlfriend, while they were asking the question. Please, just dont do it.
  5. Don’t be late. You spend so much time and effort to make this moment special, but you came 40 minutes late and everything is just crumbled up. Plan your time and day accordingly.
  6. Don’t lie too much. Sometimes guys are too carried away, that it became lie on top of the lie snowball.  You partner will be surprised to know that you lied to her, so just make it simple and believable, but dont overdo.

We are really hoping that our tips will help you to pull together a perfect marriage proposal. Our experienced team is here to make this moment unforgettable for both of you. If you ready to start planning your proposal, call us now and we will discuss the options. 347 926 9458 Tatiana, or simply send us a request a call email

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