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From Abu Dhabi to New York. Central Park Marriage Proposal.

Jonathan Wong and Kit Lam came to New York for a week vacation. Jonathan works in Abu Dhabi and Kit works in Hong Kong. They are both in the finance industry, so the vacation was much needed.
The couple met back in college during the interview workshop in freshman year. And get closer in the final year as they both took a gap year.
“ The first thing I like about Jonathan was him humble nature. He is very knowledgeable. Always well-planned like a mature adult but laughs like a kid,” Kit says. “ Our first date was funny. It wasn’t meant to be a date but his gf back then ditched the dinner. So ended up just us two at a vegetarian diner. And Jonathan dropped the salad on my white skirt – probably trying to get some attention. “



So after dating for one year Jonathan knew exactly what to do. Kit was the one and he was ready to propose. Jonathan contacted us to help him to set up a surprise proposal in Central Park.
“He picked me up from work and appeared quite furious as my meeting overran for an hour. I’d never seen him that mad before. So i was very busy calming him down in the cab. But the moment we stepped into Central Park, he seemed all relieved and happy (i was worried I was dating a bipolar!). And he took a selfie of us….. to a chat (i spotted)… WEIRD…. I kept asking him what was going on as i smelled something fishy. I was expecting a surprise perhaps but not a proposal. Then we walked to the castle and someone told us to go to the Shakespeare Garden – my suspicion grew!! But still didn’t believe it was happening. Then he led me up to the stairs and there sat a guitarist singing OUR SONG. And he knelt!!! And popped the question. I was told later he said a couple other lines but i totally missed those!! Lol “ , Kit shares.



“Oh, well. Originally thinking of proposing in Rome a month ago when we were on holiday there a month ago, but the ring didn’t make it turns out a blessing and central park was a better idea. I thought of doing in New York central park because that happens a lot in movies and would like to be somewhere very memorable. I wanted us to listen to the song (Lucky) while I am proposing and have someone to capture the moment for us,” Jonathan said.


It was meant to be nervous until she was late for almost an hour, everything pretty much according to plan except I planned to relax with her in central park for a bit before going to the proposal location otherwise it will be much smoother,” said Jonathan.
Kit was surprised, because she never suspects him to propose in New York. Jonathan was always whining about this city, so that was surprise. But she was very delighted he did all that to surprise her.

After the proposal and photo session with Vlad, the couple went to the French bistro for a dinner celebration and announces the news to the families.


Congratulation on your proposal Jonathan and Kit!

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