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From muggle to Mrs: Harry Potter inspired marriage proposal.

Harry Potter themed proposal 


It is true that couples who share similar interests are happier and often have enjoyable and fulfilling relationships. Imagine what happens when two Harry Potter fans fall in love? Of course, magic.


Recently we had the most enchanting proposal that makes our muggle hearts melt. Daniel and his girlfriend both adore the magical world of Harry Potter, so when the time came to ask for the hand in marriage, Daniel knew exactly how to do it. 

At first he presented his partner two marauder’s maps which revealed the secret location of the special wand. Once the wand was found, the golden snitch appeared and when you opened it, the beautiful green sapphire ring presented itself. This was such a thoughtful proposal and of course, she said “YES”



If you and your partner are fans of wizards and magic, here are some proposal ideas that you can do right now.




1. Propose at the Harry Potter flagship store


Did you know that New York got its own Harry Potter flagship store? It is located at the 935 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 and has lots of picture perfect locations for a surprise proposal. You can propose by the Griffin stairways, or by the chimney with the Hogwarts letters, or over the butterbeer. Let our paparazzi photographer follow you around and take secret shots of your engagement. 


2. Propose at the bookstore 


For the couples who feel more comfortable around the books, propose with the hollow book showing the ” unbreakable vow”. Hide the ring in the book and let your partner find it by accident. If you want to make it completely private we have a couple of bookstores you can rent, so that your proposal would be intimate and personal. 


3. Propose by the castle 


Let your imagination fly with this Central Park proposal. Set up your favorite houses’ flags and attributes right on the terrace of the Belvedere castle. Once your partner arrives, put on the school robes and get on one knee. This proposal is so picture perfect. 

Belvedere castle looks absolutely stunning in the pictures and with our team decorating the place you wouldn’t find a difference with the real Hogwarts. 


4. Propose with the scavenger hunt 


This proposal is for active couples, who wouldn’t mind spending the full day running around the city solving puzzles. Our paparazzi photographer can follow you from one spot to another secretly documenting the event, so that at the end you will have the whole photo story. Currently, the Metropolitan Museum is hosting the ticketing Harry Potter scavenger hunts, so you don’t even need to invent one. 


5. Propose with the geeky ring


You can actually customize her ring the way you want it. It can be a ring engraving with the ” forever and always” phrase or the wand symbol. Or you can make a custom frame with the golden snitch on it. There are lots of ways to make the ring special and unique and your partner would definitely appreciate all the effort you put into it. 


When planning your Harry Potter themed proposal, keep in mind your partner’s favorite character or scene and incorporate it into the engagement. This is a one in a lifetime event, so have fun with it, make it memorable. 

If you are planning to propose but not sure where to start, contact us now at head@proposal007.comand our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience. 

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