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From Rio de Janeiro to New York

Livia and Vinícius came to the Big Apple for a 10 day vacation. The couple first met almost 2 years ago at a store in Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, Brzil. “It was going to be her first time in NY and our first trip abroad together. 10 days in the Big Apple, staying at a hotel in the theater district, near Times Square. She let me plan everything because I knew the town. And so I did. It couldn´t be easier for what I had in mind. To choose the spot was a harder task. But knowing her, I was sure that it should be somewhere in Central Park. I decided to propose at the Bow Bridge, early in the morning. The park would be less crowded and we will have more privacy” shared Vinícius. He also came up with the perfect cover for his proposal, “I told her we would meet an American friend of mine, who I hadn´t seen for years. He would be in NYC, but he had so many work meetings to attend that we decided to meet early in the morning. Thank you X-Files for teaching me that a lie is better hidden between two truths.


That was not the day we were going to meet my friend (who actually exists), but the day I was going to ask her to marry me. And all the time, I was not talking to my friend (though sometimes I talked to him on the phone in front of her), but to Vlad Leto. She didn´t find out.” On the day of the proposal it was nice and sunny, Central Park was almost empty and the bridge was magical. “ If you asked me how I felt before the proposal, I would say I was feeling all that magic. I was not nervous, but flying high. Vlad Leto was perfect all the time, which helped a lot. I knew he was following me, for we texted each other at Central Park West. I just needed to live the moment. And Livia and I lived it. The best way we could.” Of course she said “Yes!”. After the proposal the couple spend the rest of the day in Flatiron District and sightseeing the city.


Congratulations to Livia and Vinícius!!!

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