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Gapstow Bridge Surprise Proposal

Gapstow Bridge is one of our favorite proposal spots. It looks absolutely stunning on the pictures and perfect for a surprised engagement. ┬áIt is most accessible by entering the Park at the corner of Central Park South and Fifth Avenue and following the path that runs to the right counter-clockwise along the perimeter of the Pond. And yes, you might see this bridge in the movies a lot. “Home alone”, “Maid in New York”, “Cruel Intentions”, “Gossip Girl”, “Sex and the City” and many others.


So if you looking for a quiet, scenic spot to propose, Gapstow Bridge might be the one for you.


Thats was exactly why, Robert chose that place. It was nice, quiet and fits perfectly to his ideal proposal location. Robert asked his girlfriend son to help him out and hide the beautiful ring box. So the little man was playing along the whole time and we just adore how cute it was. Perfect way to include a child into an engagement process.


As a result, unforgettable proposal and wonderful memory to bond a new family.

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