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Glenda and Robbie luxury penthouse engagement in New York

Glenda and I met at a Sydney nightclub back in 2015. I noticed a girl looking towards my direction from across the dance floor. When she looked away I changed my position to a vantage point (like a sniper) and waited for the perfect moment to approach her. After exchanging numbers we started talking for a few weeks which led to dating for 6 months and traveled overseas together before making it ‘official’. It was definitely love at first sight.
I surprised Glenda with a trip to New York for her birthday. I thought it was the perfect place to propose because it’s her favorite city in the world. After receiving approval from her parents along with their blessing, I made my way to York’s Jewellers in Western Sydney where owner Doug designed and delivered the perfect ring. Searching online I came across Proposal 007, a New York-based agency that specializes in proposal planning. The date was booked in for 7 pm on December 22nd, 2019 at the luxurious penthouse in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. After sneaking the ring onboard our flight from Sydney and hiding it for a day, it was ‘time’. Leaving our hotel, several surrounding blocks were closed with no car access so we hopped on board a bicycle cart which took us on a romantic detour through Central Park to our destination just making it in time. We were greeted and escorted by staff to the lift taking us up to the penthouse. As the doors opened we walked onto the balcony overlooking the bright New York City skyline. Surrounded by candles I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me with our private photographer capturing every moment.

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