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Hi hired the whole production company to help him to pop the question.


Niccolo and Melissa met 2,5 years ago at the Tippler Bar in the Chelsea Market.  “I remember it was a cold evening and she was wearing a heavy down jacket, but she was so beautiful that I couldt take my eyes off her. We had a very nice conversation and I was impressed not only with her career and academic achievements, but how fun and easy it was talking to her. So after that we start to go out more and now 2,5 years later I know that she is the one. I think the first time this idea cross my mind, when she organized my 33rd Birthday party. It was such a surprise for me.  I felt so loved. So I guess this is my way of bringing that feeling back to her. I want to surprise her and I hope she will says YES”


Niccolo graduated the Bocconi University back in Italy. So he came up with the perfect plan to hire the production company and an actor, who will pretend to be the Bocconi student working on the video project for the school. He will interview Niccolo both in English and Italian, and if the English part will be strictly business question, the Italian one will be about Melissa.


On the proposal day, everything was smooth and according to the plan. Melissa was sitting in the room watching the interview and sending pictures of Niccolo to his parents.  After the successful interview Benedetti  (hired actor,  the Bocconi student)  asked  Niccolo of how did he get so lucky and that’s when he popped the question.


“Wait, is that a real interview for the school?”, she asked


“No, it was all made up! I wanted to surprise you and I hope I did” , Niccolo replied.


“OMG, im shaking! How did you plan all that!”, she asked.


It was an exciting proposal and of course she said YES! Congratulations  on your marriage proposal!

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