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High Line Park Marriage Proposal

Hao and Yuewen first met in New York in the summer of 2011. Introduced through a mutual friend, they started as a friends and were meeting here and there since they both do internship in finance.

And so it was till 2014 when the two spend vacation with some friends in Florida, “Yes, during that trip to Florida i fell in love with her and on the plane back to New York i confessed her my feelings. She was supposed to move back to China and actually left, but came back to New York. So on June 7, 2014 we formally started dating. It is two year this year and i know, that she is the one. So hopefully, she will says “YES”!”


We organized a surprise set up for Hao and Yuewen while they were walking on the High Line park. She had no idea he planned everything earlier and that was extremely cute to see her reaction.


If you planning to propose to your significant one, make sure you contact us and we will help you to plan and organized the best proposal ever. We also offering photography and video services, that will keep the memories for ages!

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