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How to help your son with the marriage proposal?

A marriage proposal can be very stressful and very often we have mothers helping their children organize the big surprise. This job can be very emotional and the first thing you need to do is to check with yourself if that is something you will be able to handle. Not only you will be helping your child to step forward a mature life but also keeping in secret the event and planning everything. So if the answer is ‘yes’ here are some tips on how to help your son with his marriage proposal so he doesn’t stress and you get to shine!

  1.  Make sure your son and his future fiancé are on the same page: Sometimes, as humans, we make decisions based on emotions, so make sure your son and his future fiancé have talked about marriage before, so that the answer will, of course, be “YES!”

2. Make sure the future fiancé will love the ring. With you being the future mother-in-law, you can try to get some insight into the style of your son’s partner without looking so suspicious. This ring is forever, so you want to make sure it is perfect and it will be loved!

3. Discuss the budget for the proposal and ask him what is his vision. As a mother, of course, you can suggest a thing or two, but remember that it is his big moment and he needs to make a decision.

4. Discuss plans for after the proposal. Sometimes people get caught up in planning the moment when you propose and forget to plan anything after, this could be an awful mistake. Make sure your son has plans for after, you could choose between a romantic dinner for two or a small celebration with friends and family. Make sure to book in advance because nice restaurants fill up pretty quickly.

5. Have a photographer: A photographer will capture the special moments for your son to keep forever so you want to make sure your son has hired one in advance. We can provide a secret New York photographer for you to capture the big moment.

6. Cover story: Make sure your son does not blow the surprise and has a good story of where they are going or what they are doing that day so you don’t mess up the secret proposal. Sometimes secrets are hard to keep so have your son come up with a good cover story for the proposal day.

7. Suggest that your son chats with his future partner’s parents: If your son’s partner has their parents or a parent in their life, it’s always a good and classy idea to ask the parents for their child’s hand in marriage. This is an old tradition but we think it should still be cherished nowadays.

8. Make sure you have an alternative plan: For a marriage proposal, you must always have plan B, because sometimes life happens! If you plan an outside proposal and rain or snow storm comes, you want to make sure you can still propose and use your plan B. Discuss options and be prepared to move things around if needed.

9. Tell your son to plan something that his partner will really enjoy. The secret tip to planning an amazing proposal is to plan something that will have your partner in tears. Your son should know his partner best and should choose if they would like a public engagement or a private one and also if they want something big and cheesy or something small, intimate, and low-key. We have a number of great options, from rooftops to picnics in the park and you can absolutely find a perfect option for a surprise proposal.

10. Be supportive. A mother knows her children best and there is nothing better than getting advice and reassurance from a parent. Encourage your son not to stress, but to be excited about the future and not to worry about messing up the proposal because it will be perfect no matter what!


Planning an event is a very stressful job and its times consuming as well, so if you know it is not something you would love to spend your energy on don’t be afraid to say ‘ no’. You can discuss the plan and come up with the perfect proposal idea together and then pass this information to the planner, who will execute the plan.  In this case, you still helped a  lot and also will have the opportunity to actually enjoy the engagement.

To start planning the perfect proposal, contact us directly at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage experience for your child.

Naomi Concetta Rinzivillo


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