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How to Include Your Dog into the Marriage Proposal

Pets are beloved friends and family members. When it comes to our biggest moments, we want them with us. So, when you want to pop the question, it’s a perfect time to let your pet give you a helping paw. And of course that will make your proposal ten times cuter. So here is some ideas on how to include your dog into your marriage proposal.

  1. Turn the regular dog walk into something special

She will never suspect that you planning something special if you stick to your regular schedule and routine. Before going on a dinner date, suggest to walk the dog together. Get to the pre arranged place ( we will take care of it ) and pop the question. She will be overwhelmed with surprise, we guarantee that.

2) Let your dog do the first move

Nothing can be cuter than your little pooh dressed up in a groom costume. Suggest to meet her after work in a park and bring your little mister with you. After the pooh asked her hand, you can propose.

3) Surprise her with the beloved dog appearance

Plan a surprise picnic in the park for you two. Enjoy the food and the view and when the moment is right get on one knee and asked the main question. She will be delighted with your proposal and would not expect anything after that. Ask your friend to bring your dog to the park and hide around the picnic area, as soon as she said yes, let him get the dog out and run to you. She will be amazed with your surprise and effort.

4) Organize the dog meet up

Plan everything ahead and create the meet up group of the dogs lovers. Asked them to bring their pups on a specific time and day and propose with the furry friends around you. I saw this amazing proposal on Pinterest and wishing to do something like that. Such a clever, bright idea.

5) Put the ring on the collar

Yes we know it is common proposal trip, but It is really so cute! Nothing can be better than puppies and diamonds in one place. Make her a gift of the dog and put the ring or “marry me?” sign on his collar. Double surprise guaranteed.

We love fun and awesome proposal ideas and we love include dogs into it. It is always so cute and extremely fun. If you looking to propose and not sure how you want to do it, contact us directly and we will help you to create the unique proposal idea.
Also, don’t forget to include photographer to your package, as you will need to show that awesome pictures after.

Tatiana Caicedo

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