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How To Make a Limo Proposal in New York

If you are looking for a classic proposal, you might consider using limousine services for it as well. This will be perfect way to travel around the city with comfort. So what should you know before considering taking a limousine?


  1. Choose the company that you can trust


Of course, there are lots of car rental companies in New York, but don’t get fool by that. Do your research and read the reviews. From the experience, the price on the website is not the same as in real life.  There is a difference between weekend and weekdays, so study this subject carefully.


  1. Add personal touch


Limousine by itself is nice, but it doesn’t have a personal touch. Add some decorations to it. Roses and rose petals, champagne, her favorite movie, dessert. Make it feel cozy and romantic. You can make a playlist with your favorite songs and ask the driver to put it on for you. This is the amazing opportunity to celebrate love and life together, have fun with it.


  1. Make fun stops


You can stop on the Times Square and snap some pictures or Brooklyn Bridge park. Make 2 or 3 stops before the actual proposal spot, so that she wouldn’t expect it.  Most pictures places to stop will be Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Love sign on 53 street, Flatiron building, Pier 84, Pier 25, Sea port, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo. Finish the trip with the restaurant and celebrate your engagement with the champagne glass.

Tatiana Caicedo

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