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How to personalize your proposal

Marriage Proposal is the first real step towards the serious life commitment, that is why it is a very important moment to remember and we know that you want it to be perfect.  There are some general things that needed to be done in order to make the proposal unforgettable, but today we really want to talk about personalization.

As a company that provides proposal packages, we get this question a lot ” I don’t want to have the same proposal like everyone else, I want it to be unique and different”

Every relationship is different, that is why there never be two similar proposals. But in order to make it really stand out we always suggesting personalization.


  1. Personalize the ring

We noticed an interesting trend this year, brides-to-be design their own engagement rings.  Girls do their own ring design and work closely with the jeweler, but they dont know when the partner will actually pop the question. So there still a surprise element plus she definitely gonna like the ring. Actually, most of the girls were saying that the ring looks so much better in reality than on the paper and they love how it turned out.

You can also always put your monograms on the ring or leave a personal message there.

Another great idea to use her birthstone or the gemstone as a center stone for the ring. Those rings look so beautiful and absolutely unique.


2. Add your song

When you open any of our packages you can see a sidebar with the different add ons, this is your field for personalization. You can add musician to your proposal and it automatically will change the proposal mood.

You can choose from the guitar, violin, saxophone or the whole musical band. Music brings us good memories of the moment, it inspires us and stays with us forever. If you have a song that associated with your relationship and significant for both of you, definitely add musician to your proposal.

If you dont have a song but want to have music anyway, choose something meaningful. Don’t go for popular songs, instead choose something with the appropriate lyrics for you.


3.  Add  pictures

This is the perfect way to personalize your engagement and have a visual presentation of your relationship.  Choose the once that are meaningful for you and your partner and a memory walk. Don’t choose too many as its usually just getting messy, but instead choose 10 and print it large format.

Another option to use pictures for the proposal is to make a photo album. Your partner will be delighted to know that you spend time preparing it. And it will stay within your family forever, so put all your crafty energy to it.


4. Add cute little details

It is always a great idea to add something that is significant just for you two, little detail that will tell her that you thought it through.  Maybe you met at the bagel store, so you can bring bagels and coffee to the proposal. Or she collects glass snowballs souvenirs, so find it in advance and place it at the proposal location. Or she might like winter, but you proposing in summer, so add some snowflakes to your proposal. It can be something big, or just a cute little detail, but she definitely will appreciate it.


5.  Make a personal sign

Instagram is full of those ” will you marry me?” proposal signs and we adore it as well. But if you have an option to make it personal, do it!  Your partner will definitely appreciate it and it will be more intimate. It can be a banner with the love declaration or the LED Marquee sign, also it is a great way to incorporate friends and family. They can help you to hold the sign and be a part of the proposal.  Another great way to make a personal sign will be to order t-shirts with your hashtag or some personal quote. Or you can always get those ” Feyonce” shirts.


Every package that we offer has a sidebar where you can add more personal things to your proposal, it is up to you how you want it to be done. So don’t think of the proposal packages as general and impersonal options, but more as an idea or structure, where you can add or remove the things that you want.

We hope you will find this information useful and if you planning to propose this upcoming holiday season, contact us now and let our experienced team help you to create the most unforgettable marriage experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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