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How to plan a perfect post quarantine proposal

Beautiful engagement on a private rooftop sounds like a dream proposal for many clients. From our surveys, this is exactly what girls are looking for when they think of their proposal. So how to create this dream proposal into the post quarantine reality.
1. First of all, social distancing still will be a thing even after the lockdown, so there are no better ways to propose than on a private rooftop. In this case, you are guaranteed to be alone on a roof and won’t need to worry about dealing with other people.
2. Start planning your engagement now. We are expecting the end of quarantine by the beginning of June, so it is right enough time to start planning.  Together we will choose the right rooftop for your vision and start working on the full day engagement experience. 
3. Create a good story. Very often our clients don’t have enough time to think this through and fail at this planning stage.  The perfect proposal cover story should be believable. A couple of times we had clients who were telling their partners that they were going to a private Beyonce concert. Which, unfortunately, sounds too good to be true, so the partner knew that something was going on. 
4. Customize the engagement box. Again, very often guys don’t have time for all that, but those cute little details make your proposal unforgettable. So as you are at the early stages of planning your proposal, pay attention to things like that. Maybe order that cute ” Feyonce” shirt for her or customize a collar for your dog. It can be something as little as that, but it will create a huge impact on your engagement experience. Even a playlist with her favorite songs will be highly appreciated. 
5. Think through the outfit. It should go well with your cover story.  Again, clients who were going to the “Beyonce concerts” were wearing tuxedos, while their partners were more casual. Which was an obvious giveaway. Right now, after the months of home quarantine, everyone will be more than happy to finally dress up nicely and leave the house. Use that to your advantage.  
We truly believe that this is the perfect time to start planning your proposal and to get ready for this big step. Marriage proposals consist of tons of small details, which needed to be considered and which your proposal planner can not do for you. So if you want to propose after the quarantine, contact us now and together we will start working on your engagement. 

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