How to Prepare for the Marriage Proposal

This day finally came and you met the perfect person, who is kind, witty, easy going and stable. You know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you start thinking of the best way to pop the question.

Here are some things you need to do before you get on one knee:

1) Save Money


Engagement rings are expensive!  So  if  you know that she wants a really big dimond on her finger you better start saving.  There is nothing wrong with the simple rings and smaller stones and there’s no right amount to spend, except to spend what you can afford. So start saving earlier.

2) Talk to Her Parents


Old fashion habit, but we all know the saying  “you not marrying one person, you marry the whole family“. So it will be a good idea to discuss with the parents your plans for the future.

3) Find out Her Ring Size


This might be tricky and might take some time. If she wearing rings you might borrow one of her and take the measurement, if not ask her friends and family to help you out.

4) Think of the Proposal Style


Pay attention to what she is saying, girls are usually are very open about things that they liked. Checked her Pinterest and Instagram and see what content she is saving. Also take into consideration her personal qualities, is she a public or private person?

5) Get Everything you Need for the Proposal


Here you have two options, first you prepare everything yourself. Meaning you find and secure the venue, get flowers, musician, Champagne, photographer, car and restaurant. In this case its very easy to blow the secret away, since you will have to talk to all those people and coordinate with them. Second option, you getting a proposal planner who will do all that for you and you just come and propose. You might think that in this case your proposal is not that personal, because you didn’t do it yourself. That is not true, you chose the style and approve the venue, chose the song and all that, you put an effort to it.


6) Get Photographer


It is always nice to look back at the pictures and refresh the moment. Also you can use the pictures for the “save the date” invitations.

Remember, this may be one of the biggest moments of your life. This might be a little overwhelming, but try to get he most of this day. Proposal 007 will be happy to help you out and take the stress away from your shoulders, so that you can simply enjoy the moment.


Tatiana Caicedo

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