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How to propose at the carousel?

Unleash your inner child with this sweet and fun proposal idea. If you are looking for a private setting with great views of the Brooklyn Bridge, this proposal option is right for you. You can reserve the carousel for 30 minutes or an hour and enjoy the fun carousel ride all by yourself.  So what are the proposal options that you have here:


  1. Tell your partner that you want to ride the carousel and once you get inside, the ” will you marry me?” sign will stop right by you and you propose.
  2. Take one of the carriages and propose once your song will start to play.
  3. Surprise your partner with a friend and family surprise appearance and then ride the carousel all together.
  4. Decorate the carousel ground with roses and candles and place the ” will you marry me” balloons on the carousel between the horses.
  5. Propose behind the carousel on the pier and then have a party with friend and family at the carousel space.


This location is ideal for rainy day proposals and busy tourist months. Usually, during the summer, the area behind the carousel is the busiest spot in the city as everyone comes there to watch a sunset and unless you love public attention this could be very intimidating. So proposing in a private setting but with the same Brooklyn Bridge view would be ideal.

If you are planning to propose this summer but don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team would help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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