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How to propose during the coronavirus

For the past few weeks, we experienced the virus spread all over the world, declaration of a pandemic and the ban on travel. With all that, many couples who were supposed to come to the United States has to cancel their trips and engagements. So how can you still surprise your partner with the marriage proposal at this uncertain time?


1. If you live in the US and already schedule your proposal, we will recommend sticking to the plan.


2. Avoid crowded places, if you were planning to propose, for example, on Times Square, move your proposal to a private location. Rooftop or a hotel room will work perfectly. Ask your planner to decorate the space and propose there.


3. Be responsible, wash hands and use hand sanitizer.


4. Discuss with your photographer the photo session and ask him to choose more isolated and private places.


5. Don’t invite all friends and family for your engagement. Especially if some of your family members are in the risk group ( elderly people, people with chronic heart disease, diabetes, lung disease). Instead, arrange a live translation or group skype call.


6. If you were planning to arrive in the USA and propose, but your travel plans were canceled. Reach out to your planner and see if you can reschedule for a later month. If not check the refund policy.


7. If your travel plans were canceled but you already hired a photographer, check with him if you can do an engagement photo session later on. It doesn’t have to be next month, but maybe next year or so.


Overall stay positive and don’t let the panic stop you from getting married during the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. It is not the perfect time, but there is no information about how long this pandemic will be and it is better to go through the uncertain times with the partner by your side.


We are monitoring the situationĀ and wanted to say, that right now it is the most beautiful time of the year in New York, as the cherry blossom trees are about to bloom and because of the ban on travel, there no tourists at all, so we can enjoy a beautiful blossoming and do magical pictures with no distractions.


If you planning to propose this spring (and it already started in NY), but don’t know how to start planning your proposal, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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