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How To Propose On A Tour

Congratulations, you and your partner came to New York and now you have the whole city to explore. But you also have a special plan and looking for the best options to pop the question. You can look for the interesting places yourself or contact us and create a special tour proposal.  So here are some of the recent tour proposal ideas that we made.


Top of the Rock tour proposal


You telling your partner that you signed you both up for an observation desk tour, where your guide will tell you about the most interesting building in the city, history of the Rockefeller Center and Central Park. At some point you will ask him to take a picture of you two with the city in your background and that’s when you propose and “tour guide” will capture the surprise on her face.


Sex and the City tour proposal


This might not be your favorite tv show, but for most of the girls Carrie Bradshaw was a role model and they would be happy to follow in the footsteps of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. You can surprise your girlfriend with two tickets for her and her friend, and when the group will reach the Carrie’s apartment location, you will be standing there with flowers and ring. Tears of joy guaranteed.


Chocolate tour proposal


Tell your partner that you got tickets for a chocolate tour around the Rockefeller Center. You will visit 6 different chocolate stores, try chocolate and learn interesting facts about the chocolate.  At the last store you will get a special customized chocolate with the chocolate ring on it. While she will be thinking that its cute you will pop the question. Sweetness guaranteed.


Central Park movie proposal


Take a walking tour around the picturesque Central Park. More than 300 movies and TV shows were shot here. During this tour, you will learn more about the park and will visit the film locations of such movies as The Avengers, Delivery Man, Elf, Breakfast at Tiffany’s , When Harry Met Sally, Home Alone 2, Vanilla Sky, Café Society, Autumn in New York, Keeping the Faith, Little Manhattan, The Way We Were and Woody Allen’s Manhattan. We will pre arrange the special location for you, so when your group will reach the spot, your girlfriend will never suspect that it is set up special for her. We will be there to capture your love story for you.

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