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How to propose on Valentine’s Day and embrace all the cliches?

Valentine’s Day is probably the most controversial day for a marriage proposal in the world. This beautiful holiday was so commercialized that even people who love ‘Love’ think twice before doing anything nice for their partner on that day. If you ignored this day your partner would be mad you didn’t plan anything special, but if you invite them to dinner and bring a bouquet of red roses you are automatically being a cliche. So how to find balance and surprise your partner with the stunning proposal of her dreams?

  1. Don’t ignore the holiday.

Even if you are planning to propose on Valentine’s Day you still need to acknowledge this day’s existence. Surprise your partner with the flowers and a small Valentine’s Day present, tell them how much you love them, and let them think that that was it.  Suggest dinner or movie date but don’t give any further hints. Propose on the way to the restaurant or trick your partner thinking that you going to the rooftop bar but instead bring her to a private rooftop and propose.

2. Flowers are a must

We all know that red roses are very symbolic for this holiday, so unless she loves red roses try to go with another color. Valentine’s Day and flowers are inseparable but it doesn’t need to be a bouquet. We would recommend going with the flower decorations like a flower arch or the rose heart decor instead of the bouquet. If you still want a bouquet it needs to be thoughtful and has her favorite flowers and colors. So if she loves sunflowers, let it be.

3.  Chocolate and Teddy Bears

Another Valentine’s Day cliche that can ruin your proposal, but if done right it would be a great memory. Can you imagine presenting your partner a bear that you made yourself? Thanks to the ‘ Build-a-Bear’ store you can completely personalize your toy and keep it as a memory of your big day.  And what can be better than a box of really delicious chocolate? Some chocolate stores in NY are offering custom prints on the chocolate bars, so just imagine her opening the box and seeing a personalized message inside.

4. Custom design

On a day like this, you really want to feel special and one-of-a-kind and your proposal should be the same. In order to come up with a unique design and custom items, you need to start planning in advance.  We would recommend going for a custom proposal sign, that will be made just for you and you can keep it after the proposal.

5. Be realistic

If you want to propose on Valentine’s Day or around it be prepared that everything will be overpriced. Starting from flowers, to dinner reservations and uber, the prices always go higher on the commercial holidays, so be realistic about your budget and try to book everything in advance. If your plan was to have all your friends and family present at the proposal you might consider a public location, like Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can invite an unlimited number of people and not worry about the venue prices.


6. You need to have a professional photographer

This goes without saying that all the effort you put into the proposal must be documented.  When you hire a professional photographer you make an investment in your future by preserving the memories of a very special day.

Things to keep in mind:

– This year the Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, meaning everyone will be proposing the weekend before or after. So if you want to have more options and avoid the crowds better propose during the weekdays.

– Flowers, balloons, custom signs need to be booked in advance. Like a month in advance.

– It is a beautiful day to celebrate love and commitment, but there are many other days that can be special just for you two. So if you feel that your partner won’t appreciate Valentine’s Day engagement, choose another day.

– A photographer and videographer are a must.

If you are planning to propose this Valentine’s Day and dont know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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