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How to propose on your own rooftop?

This year we got a lot of clients who choose to propose on their own building rooftop. From luxury private rooftop buildings in Tribeca to a family house in Queens, we have seen it all. And there are a couple of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ that we want to discuss here.

“pros” of proposing on your own rooftop:

First of all, when you choose to propose on your own building rooftop it is easier to bring your partner to the rooftop without giving away the surprise. Especially now, when people don’t leave the house too often, rooftops became an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle.


Also, the cost. As a tenant of the building, you have all the rights to use the space. Some buildings can close the rooftop just for your party and you will have your own private rooftop.


Another plus of doing a proposal on your own rooftop is that you can invite as many friends and family members as you want.


Food and drinks are absolutely allowed on your building rooftop, so you don’t have to pay extra for bringing it.


‘cons’ of the proposal on your own rooftop:


First of all, most likely you won’t dress up when you just go upstairs. Most of the couples who got engaged at their building rooftop were dressed very casually and most of the girls really got upset about it.  When you renting a private rooftop, usually the pretext is the rooftop restaurant or a party, so you both have a chance to dress up nicely.


The view might be another issue as most of the residential rooftops don’t have a specific view, so if you looking for the pictures with the iconic skyline or the Empire State Building view that might not be the case of the residential rooftop.


Privacy. Most likely other tenants would also be on the rooftop and it might be a bit overwhelming. We always prefer to rent a private rooftop so that the couple won’t have to worry about other people and extra attention from strangers.


Decorations. Most of the residential rooftops have lounge furniture on the property and we have to decorate the place with tables and chairs placed around the rooftop. This doesn’t create a celebratory look, so we always asking to move the furniture away or rent a private rooftop, where we can create an intimate atmosphere.


This year shows us that no matter how hard life is, it is better to share it with the person you love. So if you set up your mind and want to propose, do it. Private rooftop or your own rooftop, we are happy to accommodate you and help to create the most unique and unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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