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How to propose this Valentine’s Day. The ultimate marriage proposal guide.

Valentine’s Day is famous for its romance and celebrations and that is why it always became the subject of discussions of whether or not it’s a good day to pop the question. Proposing on Valentine’s Day can be tricky. On one hand, it is the most romantic day of the year and it is dedicated to love and romance, so why not use this opportunity and surprise your partner with the marriage proposal of her dreams. On the other hand, it can be a disaster if not done properly and your partner might feel that you did not put enough effort into the proposal. It is like proposing on Christmas Day, with the engagement ring as the present. Many girls feel that when men propose on the Holidays they don’t put much thought into the planning, so if you decide to pop the question on this day, you need to make sure that it is very personal and thoughtful. So how to plan the ultimate marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day?

1. Surprise her

This is the day when she really expects a proposal, so you need to think of your ” cover story” extra hard. Element of surprise is very important, so try to catch her off guard. For example, take her out for dinner ( outside dining is thriving in New York right now, but you need to make a reservation in advance) and naturally she will expect a dinner proposal, but no, have a good time and get back home. That’s where you will surprise her. Transform your apartment into something special. Luxury flowers, ” will you marry me?” sign, candles, and balloons. Your partner would never expect it and would be blown away. As a bonus, have her friends and family appear from another room and celebrate the engagement altogether.

Key elements: Don’t propose in the obvious place and time. Think outside the box and invest in the decorations.

How we can help: Our room makeover package is ideal for a surprise proposal. If you want to make it extra special consider renting a gigantic ‘ Marry Me’ led sign.

2. Make it grand

This might sound odd, but Valentine’s Day proposals are perfect for extravagant gestures. This is a perfect day to propose with that huge  5 feet flower heart sculpture on a private rooftop or rent a penthouse floor and cover it in flowers and balloons. Since this day is all about love, your partner might suspect that you are planning something, but she doesn’t know how you would do it. That is why this day is perfect for something grand and extraordinary. Don’t overdo it and plan thousands of things for one day, instead make one big gesture. For example, rent a luxury penthouse and decorate it with thousand red roses, add private dining and live musicians to perform the whole evening just for you two. Create a slideshow and play it on a projector and add a personalized Marry Me sign. This evening will stay with both of you forever.

Also, always think of your partner first. If she is not that type of person, keep it simple.

Key elements: Don’t plan too many things for one day, instead concentrate on one big gesture. Consider your partner’s personality first.

How we can help: We are offering three different luxury penthouses in New York with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, choose the one you like the most and we will take care of the rest.

3. Flowers

This day is all about flowers, but it doesn’t need to be roses. Valentine’s day is always associated with red roses and if your partner loves it, even better, but don’t stuck on red roses only.

If your partner loves peonies, those are the flowers you need to use for your marriage proposal. Be prepared, that any flower arrangement would cost more on this day, so add this to your budget. Valentine’s day is the perfect day for flowers. You can get the ‘ Will you marry me” sign made of flowers or the flower wall with your names written on it. This is the day when flower decoration would look appropriate and natural. Also, what a great way to show your partner that you know her taste and you put some thought into the proposal.

Key elements: Know what your partner loves

How can we help: Imagine walking through the park and stumble upon the cupid, who presents your lady a bouquet of her favorite flowers with the engagement note. Yes, we can do it. Check our ” custom proposal planning” section for that.

4. Embrace the cliches

As romantic as this day can be it also gives you a lot of opportunities to be humorous and embrace the cliches to your advantage. Recreate the movie scene that she loves or rent a cupid costume and surprise her like that. There are so many ways to make this day fun and memorable, so if you are one of those couples that love a good laugh, think outside the box and make this day stand out. The most important thing when you start planning your marriage proposal is to think about your partner first and take into consideration all things that she likes, so if ” Valentine’s Day” is her favorite movie, surprise her with the huge Teddy Bear or hire the flash mob dancer dressed in heart costumes.

Key elements: Take your partner’s personality into consideration first, if you know she would love her proposal to be fun and outgoing, go for it.

How can we help: Our professional dancers would nail that cupid dance.

5. Surprise her with a new skill

This is a perfect marriage proposal idea to surprise your partner with a new skill on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you took the guitar classes and learned how to play her favorite song, or you create the scrapbook of your relationship, or you learned how to bake the heart cookies. Whatever it is, your partner would be blown away by your effort and commitment.  Once we had a client who made his own engagement ring and proposed it to his girlfriend, she was so impressed by his effort and kept asking how he does that.

Key elements: Sometimes little things count the most, so don’t get discouraged if you didn’t learn how to play her favorite song on the piano by heart. She would appreciate your effort even for trying to do it.

 How can we help: Our professional musician can help you out with learning the instrument and performing the song to your partner.

Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day can be hard, but if it’s done right it would be the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience. Also if you are still nervous that your partner might consider the day to be to cliche, propose around the date. February 12 or 13th, would be perfect for a surprise engagement, plus she won’t expect it since it is not valentine’s day.

And don’t forget about the photographer. It is a perfect opportunity to document the event and have those Instagram worthy pictures of your special day. Valentine’s Day or not, always remember to keep your partner’s personality in mind when you are planning your perfect engagement. Our marriage proposal planner in New York is always available to help you out with crafting your special day. Contact us now at and let’s start planning.

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