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How to propose when its her birthday?

Sometimes the best way to surprise your partner with the marriage proposal is by making her special day extra special. Birthday is the best time to get all friends and family together without being suspicious and plan a proposal without giving it away. So how can you incorporate a proposal into the Birthday celebration?


  1. Birthday trip

This is a very common activity for couples to plan a getaway on a birthday. And it is the perfect opportunity to surprise your partner even more on this trip. While your partner thinks that you planning the getaway you can actually plan the whole proposal without drawing too much attention to it.  As you both going to a new place it is easier to come up with the cover story for the proposal. For example, tell your partner that there is this popular rooftop bar you saw in the recommendations and that you want to check it as well. When you come to the place it will be a private rooftop full of candles and flowers and your partner would be blown away by the surprise.  Of course, don’t forget the secret photographer to capture the moment.


2. Cake delivery

If your partner is planning the Birthday party by herself and doesn’t want any help in this department, ask if you can order a cake for her as a contribution to the party. Here you can add a personal message to it or choose the special engagement cake with the ring and surprise her with the proposal on the spot when she will be blowing the candles. Another option is to get two cakes, one as the actual cake that she chooses and the second one more customized with a ” Will you marry me?” topper. The most important part, dont hide the ring inside the cake. This is never a good idea.


3. During the group picture

This idea is perfect for couples who love to celebrate birthdays with friends and family. Imagine getting everyone for the group picture and while you and your partner staying in the front row, the friends on the back can display the ” Will you marry me?” sign without her noticing it. Ask her to check the picture and propose after she sees whats was written in there. This idea is a perfect combination of the surprise factor and teamwork, otherwise why else do you need friends?


4. At the opening of the gifts

An engagement ring is a wonderful gift, but it shouldn’t be her birthday gift. Present your partner with the birthday gift that she wanted, maybe she asked for the new shoes or a camera. Let it be something that she asked and really wanted to have. After she is happy and grateful for what you get mention that you have another small present for her. Get on one knee and present the engagement ring box.


5.  Throw a surprise party

Sometimes it is better to propose in private and enjoy the special moment in the intimate atmosphere and then surprise your partner with the friends and family celebration. Tell your partner that you will be going to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, instead bring her to a private venue and propose in a romantic setting. After that actually go to the restaurant and let her find all your friends and family there. This is a perfect plan for an intimate proposal for just the two of you and her birthday celebration.


We truly think that proposing on the birthday or around it is a perfect way to surprise your partner, but there might be some cons as well.


  1. Not everyone likes to celebrate their birthdays

If you know your partner is not making a big deal out of her birthday maybe it’s better to choose another day for a big surprise. Plus it’s always great to have another special day for celebrations.


2. She might suspect something is coming

Your partner will expect a present and that might draw some extra attention to you. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise and still catch your partner by surprise, propose on your birthday. She would never see this coming!


You really need to know your partner well in order to decide if she would like to get engaged on her birthday or around it, but overall we really think that it’s a great opportunity to make your partner feel extra special on their day.


For our couple, Ash and her boyfriend went to NY to visit family and Kendall suggested taking portrait-style pictures since they didn’t have the professional once.  And while Ash was planning her pre-birthday “photoshoot”, her boyfriend had much bigger plans. When they walked out to the rooftop with their friends and family, Ash saw right away the huge ” Marry Me’ sign and started to laugh. She said ” YES” under the friend’s cheers.


If you planning to propose this upcoming Holiday Season but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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