How to propose when it is not a surprise anymore?

A marriage proposal is a very serious step in every couple’s life and most of the time, the couple already discussed the marriage and the future together.  Actually, the first thing you need to do before planning your engagement is to be sure you both are on the same page and want to get married.
After that, you can start planning the big surprise. But what if somehow she knows that this is about to happen? Can you still get that surprise reaction you are looking for?
First of all, yes sometimes it happens that the partner finds an engagement ring in the house, or one of the family members accidentally reveals the secret, or they see the text from the planner on the phone and do further investigation. Whatever the reason is, don’t panic. The fact that your partner knows that you are ready to pop the question doesn’t mean that your surprise engagement is ruined. Think of what exactly your partner might know about the surprise. If she accidentally found the ring in front of you, propose on the spot. It might not be as romantic as you planned it, but life happens and it is still a great story to tell. If you already booked the vendors and photographer, dont cancel this plan but instead use that opportunity to do the engagement session as now you both are aware of the photography and can dress up accordingly. It can be even more fun to discuss with the partner your photo theme and choose the photo poses that you want to do.
It is also possible that she knows when you are planning to propose. Maybe your anniversary is coming, or her birthday or she always wanted to get engaged at Christmas. That’s perfect, she knows it’s coming and she will be ready. What she doesn’t know is how you will propose. We always suggest in this case try to do something extraordinary, as you won’t completely get your partner off guard but you can surprise them by the way you do it. For example, she knows you will propose on her Birthday, she is expecting it and all prepared. You plan a dinner for the whole family, at the restaurant, everything looks normal until some point when people from the different tables will start to get up and sing a song, one by one half of the restaurant is singing and you get on one knee. That’s the story she would tell your kids about!.
Sometimes it happens that your partner found out about your plans unintentionally. Let’s say you left the email open and your partner reads the whole proposal plan. Don’t panic, there are still possibilities to fix it. Instead of changing the plans go with what you already prepared but some unexpected surprise there. Maybe hire a live musician and perform a song, or compose a speech and read it to her. You can bring a projector and show the pictures of you two and tell her what each moment means for you. Try to make this moment as sentimental and emotional as possible.
Another great way to fix a ruined surprise is by organizing the re-proposal. No one ever expects to be proposed again, so this is definitely going to work. Suggest to go to the restaurant and on the way stop at the park, the street dancers will catch your attention and will start dancing next to you, act surprised and when they display the sign ” Will you say “yes” again?” get on one knee and ask her hand again. She would be shocked, we guarantee that.
It is very hard to keep the proposal in total surprise and it can be hard emotionally to hide something from your partner, so we always recommend don’t wait too long with it. If you got the ring don’t wait for 5 months to present it, chances she would find it in the house are very high. Also, try to be flexible and ready to face some challenges, such as weather or a traffic jam. The more calm and confident you are the better the surprise will be. Remember that it is the thought that counts and if it will be raining outside, yes it is not ideal, but it doesn’t change the fact that you did your best to surprise your partner.
If you are planning to propose to your partner this fall season but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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