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How to re-propose to your partner?

A marriage proposal can be scary. This is probably the first time you are doing something like that and it is a very important step in any person’s life, so, of course, nervousness and fear are normal here. People always act differently when they are nervous and as a result, the proposal may not go as smoothly as it was planned. 

A couple of times we had clients, who were saying that their engagement was a disaster and they want to re-do it again. But can you re-propose and how would your partner react to this?

The proposal can go wrong for many reasons – wrong time, wrong setting, social pressure, weather, and many others. So, when you think of re-proposing, first identify what exactly went wrong in your initial proposal and then plan a new one based on that. 


So maybe when you were proposing the first time, the element of surprise was lost and she knew exactly what was about to happen. Your family member might spill it out or maybe she found a ring, in any way you weren’t able to catch her off guard and now you want to re-do it again. Good thing, she probably is not expecting anything at this point, so it will be very easy to set up a perfect surprise. Ask her on a dinner date and hire a singing group to sing a song of your choice, while you will get on one knee again. 


Another reason why men want to re-propose is that they proposed without the ring at first or it was the wrong ring. Maybe you really wanted to get engaged before the Holidays, but you didn’t have time for a ring shopping, so now it will be a perfect moment to propose again, but with the ring. Also, very often, girls don’t like the ring design and ask to change the ring. Again, as soon as the ring is ready you can surprise your partner with a brand new proposal. We had a lot of proposals, where the girl designed her own engagement ring, but she didn’t see it until the proposal moment. It is still a beautiful surprise. 


Very often guys get very nervous that they can’t remember the speech they prepared for this moment and just ask the main question. But now since the scary part is over and she said “Yes”, you can recreate the proposal moment and say all the things you wanted to. Trick her into getting to a private rooftop location, decorated with candles and pictures, get one knee and tell her your proposal speech. It will be romantic, memorable and unforgettable. 


Maybe the weather spoiled your proposal and you were not able to do the cute engagement photo session. You can tell your partner that you hired a photographer and you want to do the ” save the date” invitations. You both can come up with the idea and style of your photo session and while she will be thinking that it is all, you plan a little surprise with the photographer. Maybe during the photo session, the photographer will give you a sign and you will get on one knee and declare your love again. Perfect opportunity to catch that surprise proposal reaction and make a day memorable. 


We truly think that re-proposal is just another beautiful way to pronounce your love, so if you feel that your first proposal wasn’t exactly what you wanted, do it again. Maybe even do it every year as a way to celebrate the anniversary. We once had a client who was proposing to his wife every 5 years with a new ring. It is really a cute and creative way to surprise your partner every time and show her that your feelings are as strong as it used to be. 


The most important thing to remember when you’re-proposing is that your partner already said ‘YES” and you don’t need to worry about it now. Now you can be more creative, fun, and confident. Don’t forget to hire a photographer and videographer for your next proposal as it is the perfect way to capture the emotions and preserve the memories. 

If you are planning to surprise your partner with a romantic event, but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable engagement experience. 

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