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Our first Zoom marriage proposal was so much fun!

Over the past three months, the Zoom conference call application became one of the most essential tools in everyday life. Almost everyone who works from home is now using it and it is a perfect way to stay connected with your family as well.

Our client Jason wanted to propose to his long term girlfriend Daniel in Central Park and he also wants his family to witness the proposal. But with the quarantine and lockdown, it was hard to gather the family together so we decided to use the Zoom conference call get everyone for the engagement.

A couple of days before the proposal we went to the park and tested the connection. Because we wanted to avoid any unpleasant surprises and be sure we can deliver what we offered.

On the proposal day, we had wonderful weather and it was perfect for a marriage proposal. Jason and Daniel were walking from their apartment in Greenwich Village and were planning to have a picnic in the park. When we spotted them walking to the prearranged location we started the live session and could hear the whole family excitement, everyone was very happy and agitated. It really feels like they were all here in the park.

Jason and Daniel walked down the path and stopped by the lake, there were little turtles laying on the stone and they were checking them out. ” OMG, it is happening!” exclaimed Daniel’s mom.  Michael put his backpack to the ground and pulled an engagement box from his pocket. Daniel was beyond speechless. She was definitely caught off guard and couldn’t believe her eyes. She screamed ” YES!” and the whole family started to clap and congratulate them.

Jason told her that he has a second surprise for her and pointed to the phone. We flipped the front camera and she saw her whole family gathered together. ” Omg, how is this happening?”. Everyone was so happy and excited.

After everyone speaks and congratulate the newly engaged couple we started the photo session. The family wanted to stay online and see how the process goes, so we did a couple of poses with the zoom screen and family on it. It was an absolutely wonderful and unique experience for everyone.

So if you are planning to propose and want to add your family to the engagement, Zoom live is a perfect option. We really enjoyed our first virtual family experience and will be offering this option for future proposals.  Contact us now to start planning your unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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