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Joseph and Heather Love Story

How We Met

After years of living the “single life”, my sister texted me and insisted that I take a chance and join a dating website. I gave into her demands and joined Tinder, which definitely wasn’t as popular (or cool) as it is now. A few days went by of swiping left and right but I seemed to be coming up empty. On Saturday, May 10th 2014, I was scrolling through and passed a GORGEOUS man who was using professional head shots as his profile picture. I quickly thought to myself “no way, this has to be a fake account”, so I swiped left and went about my day. A few hours later I was back at it when I noticed the same gorgeous man, who I passed over earlier, pop back across my screen. After thinking about it for a second, I said “why not, you never know ” and swiped right. Within minutes, he sent me a message and we exchanged numbers soon after. We quickly discovered that we lived 5 blocks away from one another and our parents knew each other from the neighborhood veterinary clinic. I was amazed at the idea that we lived so close, yet needed a dating website to bring us together. Within days he asked me to go out for coffee at Cafe Cafe in Bay Ridge, and the rest is history.

How He Proposed

The 5 year anniversary of meeting one another was coming up quickly, which we like to call our “swipe-adversary”. Joe knew how important this day was. It signified many things, most importantly it signified 5 years of working really hard to build a foundation to a relationship that started out very rocky. A few weeks before that day, Joe told me we would be going to a fancy restaurant in DUMBO and I needed to be very dressy. After weeks of looking, I found the perfect dress.


On The day of our engagement, Joe picked me up from work and we went home to get ready. Everything seemed to be status quo as we finished up, got into the car and made our way to DUMBO. Joe requested that we get dropped off on Water St, Which may have seemed a bit odd but I knew he wanted to get drinks before dinner, so I didn’t question a thing. As we were walking over towards the restaurant Joe then insisted that he needed to use the restroom. Quickly I asked him why he couldn’t just wait to get to the restaurant where we were going for drinks which was one block away. He told me he just needed to go, so I said “fine” and waited patiently outside, which felt like forever. When he came back out he was extremely flustered making up a story about getting into an argument and that’s what took so long (he was getting mic’d up). Despite such an odd story, I attempted to hug him and comfort him but he quickly pushed me off saying he “needed time to breath”. I have now discovered that if I would if hugged him I would have felt not only the microphone but also the ring box in his jacket pocket.


After he calmed down, (stalled us) he led me down a path towards the restaurant. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a beautiful proposal set up along the water. I pointed it out to Joe and said “look how nice, someone is getting engaged”. Joseph acknowledged how nice it looked and he continued to lead me down the path. As we made our way closer to the water I began to pull back, announcing that it’s rude to go near someone else’s engagement set up. I started to notice that his grip on my hand became tighter and he was pulling me towards a heart shape on the ground lit up with candles. In the background I heard “A thousand Years” by Christina Perry being played by a violinist; this is the song that was playing in the background when Joseph first told me that he loved me way back when so it has a lot of sentimental value to both of us.


As Jospeh led us both into the center of the heart he told me how much he loved me and how much we’ve been through and have grown as a couple. I quickly began to cry as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was the proposal I dreamed about and the one that I will never forget.

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