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Mariachi Band marriage proposal

One of the best ways to sweep your partner off her feet is by adding a musical band into your proposal. Just imagine a professional band serenading you and your partner, this is a very romantic experience and no one ever expects that.  As marriage proposals with a musician are always intimate and sweet, the music band brings a little extravaganza into your engagement.  The mariachi bands love the grand entrances, so if you are deciding to go with the one, be ready for a surprise appearance.


What are the best songs for a mariachi band to perform?

  1. Te Amare Toda La Vida – Javier Solis
  2. Hermoso Cariño – Vicente Fernandez
  3. Perfume De Gardenias – Javier Solis
  4. Mi Linda Esposa – Mariachi Sol de Mexico
  5. Que Bonito Amor – Maria De Lourdes


What instruments are used in the mariachi band?


The traditional instrumentation for a full mariachi group today is two trumpets, up to six violins, a vihuela, a nylon-string guitar, and a guitarrón.  If it’s a small band the main instruments will be violins, guitar, and trumpets.


What is the mariachi group attire?

Traditionally, Mariachis wear a suit called ” traje de charro” It is a three-piece black suit with silver decorations, boots, and embroidered ties. No attire will be complete without the wide-brimmed sombrero.


How to propose with the mariachi band?

Decide when and where you want to propose. Reach out to the band and give them all the information along with the location and driving instructions ( most of the band are traveling together so it will be easier for them to drive). Provide the list of the songs you want the band to perform. Don’t forget to provide the additional contact point in case you won’t be able to talk to them on the proposal day.

If you are planning to propose with the mariachi band this summer and dont know where to start, contact us at, and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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