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Marriage Proposal Trends 2022

Like every industry, the marriage proposal planning business is always changing and evolving. Some trends come for a year and then die off, others stay with us for years ( best example of the marquee “Marry Me” signs). So this year we picked up on some fresh trends  that already look too good to be true.

Wedding Arches 

Wedding arches were always a part of the proposal planning, but this year we can see this trend everywhere. Circle arches, wooden arches, half-moon, and asymmetrical arches, you name it, are everywhere. It looks absolutely stunning in the pictures and looks luxurious.  The real flower arrangements are substituted for the silk once, mostly because of the price of the real flowers. As we know, the flower arrangements are the second biggest expense at a wedding, so, for the proposal, planners are trying to make it affordable. Also, you can use the arch almost anywhere: on the rooftop, in the park, in the backyard. It automatically transforms the place and makes it look romantic. It is the perfect decoration and photo opportunity for the engagement session.

We offer a wide range of wedding arches, which go with silk flower arrangements and can be used for daytime and nighttime proposals.

Boho style decorations 

The Boho style is inspired by nature and has a soft and romantic feel. It makes you feel closer to nature and promotes creative and unconventional decor. This type of decor is all about natural materials and earthly textures. So you can see a wooden arch with the dry flower decorations. The rustic lamps and vases filled with pampas grass. You can say that it’s more for free-spirited couples who love the outdoors and nature. You can also see oriental rugs, light linens, and crystals as a part of the decor. Personally, we are obsessed with this style and can’t wait to do more boho proposals in New York. Our secret proposal photographer will be a perfect addition to this boho package.

Personalized neon signs 

Another big trend in marriage proposals this year is the personalized neon signs. Unlike the big ” Marry Me’ signs, neon is more elegant and can be easily customized. We already see phrases like ” better together”, ” it was always you” and ” say yes” trending this year. Usually, neon signs can change color, so you can also have a red or pink sign for your proposal. As cool as they can be, they won’t work by themselves. You will need to put them on the arch or the wall in order to look sufficient. So think of the neon sign as a great addition to your proposal decor, but not as the whole decor. Our professional proposal planner can help you to choose the best sign for your proposal.

The engagement industry is changing every year but some trends are staying strong, such as big marquee letters or flower heart arrangements. It is considered to be a classic proposal decoration and you can’t go wrong with it. If you are planning a surprise proposal and don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience in New York.

Tatiana Caicedo

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