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Metropolitan Museum Marriage Proposal

Proposal at the Museum is really great idea, especially on a hot summer days.  Not so long ago we had a wonderful couple, who got engaged at the Metropolitan Museum. It was very fun and surprising, but also challenging. Not all the guests were able to find the  proposal area. So here is our tips on how to propose at the museum.


  1. Try to go on a week days. We all know weekends are the busiest days of the week, so try to go on a working day, to avoid the crowds.
  2. Choose the exact room in advance. Tell your friends where it is,make a map
  3. You cant photograph or videotape at the museum, so chose the photographer wisely. He needs to do the secret, paparazzi style pictures.
  4. You cant be loud at the museum. So no music, singing, Skype calls.
  5. You cant bring any props or decorations
  6. It will not be private. Museum is a public place, so be ready to have people around.
  7. Check the hours of the rooftop operation. Metropolitan museum has a beautiful summer rooftop, great place for celebration and pictures.


We hope those little tips will help you to plan a perfect marriage proposal. If you dont know where to start, just contact us directly and we will help you to plan the ideal proposal.


Tatiana Caicedo

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