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Miguel and Gaby’s Times Square surprise proposal in New York.

One year and 7 months ago after chatting on a dating application back in Mexico City, Miguel ask Gaby for a date and that’s how this love story begins.  After dating for more than a year Miguel decided to propose to his girlfriend and make a perfect plan for it.


New York sounds like a amazing getaway plan, since both of them have never being in there. So that’s how the romantic weekend plan came along. Since the couple came just for a weekend, there were so many things they wanted to do. “Before the proposal we actually went to wall street, saw the statue of liberty, walked to the WTC memorial, and then we went to see Aladdin the musical,” Miguel says, “For the actual proposal I wanted to chose a place somewhere where she wouldn’t expect the proposal, so Times Square was not a place where she would imagine I’d pop the question. I lied and said we had to go through there to go to dinner and that I wanted to take a selfies on the square. She didn’t suspect a thing.” When the couple gets to the Times Square our proposal photographer was already there, following them and making pictures. “I was really nervous, I thought she was not going to be ready in time to go with the schedule, but at the very moment I got really nervous and shaky!  She didn’t figure it out. It was a true surprise for her. Of course she said “YES”.


After the photo session the newly engaged couple went to the dinner at the Jean Georges restaurant by Central Park.

Congratulations Miguel and Gaby on your proposal!

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