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New Proposal Trends of 2020

Can you believe it? It is already 2020! This sounds so futuristic and yet we already spend the first month of this magnificent year. Looking forward to the new decade, we can definitely see some new proposal trends that are coming in. So if last year was all about huge Marry Me signs and billboards, this year is already looking a little different.

  1. Roaring 20s!   Yes, we are finally at the year, when this theme looks more than appropriate. This year will be all about vintage cars, speakeasies, and jazz.  Imagine yourself driving around the city on a chic vintage car, with the driver telling you the history of NY’s famous speakeasy bars. He will suggest you get off the car and check one of them, which will be a beautiful rooftop with the live jazz band, champagne, and Empire State Building. What a fantastic way to start a new decade. So if you wanted to surprise your partner with an unforgettable proposal our ‘ Speakeasy Proposal’ will be right for you.

2. Singing flashmob

Yes, singing groups debuted last year and we can see how popular it will be this year. So instead of the traditional dancers, modern clients are asking for the singing groups, who start performing one by one till the whole group is performing a song. To be honest, this is one of our most favorite proposal ideas, because hearing professional group singing a love song is absolutely beautiful. Plus, girls never suspect that something like this is coming up. If you want to get a surprise reaction from your partner, this will be a great option for you.

3. Outdoor proposals and sustainability

More and more couples are choosing to propose marriage outdoors, somewhere in a park with a beautiful natural background. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park are the most popular outdoor options. Also, couples become more aware of the environment and trying to make cautious choices ( no more fake rose petals! last year it was a disaster). Also, last year we introduced our flower seeds postcards, which we gave as a present to every couple we helped. Hopefully, more flowers will be growing now.

4. Luxury Locations

2020 couples are looking for unusual locations, something that was never seen before on Instagram or Pinterest, something like a luxury penthouse terrace or the private rooftop garden. The location with an iconic view and new decoration options. New York is famous for its luxury venues and modern clients are ready to pay for it.

5. Heirloom Ring with the modern twist

As couples are looking for personalization if every aspect of their marriage proposal, the family engagement rings are getting a new life and a twist. Most of the heirloom rings are very unique and look very different from the modern popular options. But still, you don’t want to propose with the ring that was worn before, so couples add new personal touches to the ring, giving it a second breath of life. We personally love this trend as it is very sentimental and most of the girls are very touched by this gesture.

6. Photographer and Videographer

This is not a new trend, but worth to mention that modern couples want to have a photographer and videographer at their engagement. In the world of Instagram, it is absolutely essential to have good, high quality pictures from your major life events. Also, they are not ready to wait for 2 weeks in order to get the pictures. It should be done overnight or in a day top. For the video, the clip duration should not be longer than 1,5 minutes in order to post it on social media.

7. Double Surprise

Most of the time, when we talking about the double surprise, it means that the girlfriend has no idea her boyfriend is in the city or even the country and when she comes to the prearranged location, she is shocked to see her boyfriend there and even more shocked to see him getting on one knee. This is such a fun and beautiful way to propose to your partner that we are always so happy to help our clients to make it happen.

We are looking forward to the new decade and see how the new trends will evolve over the year. If you planning to propose to your partner and not sure how to do it, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create an unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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