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Outdoor  marriage proposal ideas in New York 


Summer is the best season to propose outside. If you have been waiting for the perfect weather to pop the question it is the right time to start planning your perfect proposal. What are the best outdoor marriage proposal ideas you can do in NY? What should you know when planning a proposal outdoors?


1. Picnic proposal


Of course, summer is all about picnics. There is nothing like a beautiful picnic on a hot summer day in a picturesque location. New York is full of parks and you can surprise your partner with a picnic proposal anywhere in the city.

Central Park, of course, would be the number one choice. It is conveniently accessible by all major subway lines, you have plenty of greenery and you can spend the whole day there byroaming around the park and doing all sorts of activities ( from boats to horse and carriage rides). Best picnic locations would be by the lake ( around 72 street), the Pool ( 101 street entrance) and the Turtle Pond ( 81 street entrance). You can have a luxury picnic set up or keep it casual. The most important thing to keep in mind:  shade, water and accessibility.


What to do if it rains: Unfortunately picnic proposals are highly affected by the weather and if it rains the best option would be to reschedule the proposal for another day.


2. Rooftop proposal


Rooftop season is up and booming. There is no better place for an intimate marriage proposal than a private rooftop with a stunning view of the city.  As a company that specializes in rooftop proposals, we highly recommend choosing this option. There are more than 10 rooftops listed on the website and all you need to do is to choose the one you like the most and let us know your day and time. Most of the rooftops are for one-hour rental only, while others can do 2 and even overnight stay. Please keep in mind that rooftops are in high demand and if you know when you want to propose, don’t wait till the last minute to book it.  The rooftops that we are working with are not bars or restaurants, but private venues with their own rules and restrictions, so always let us know first how many people you are planning to have if you have your own photographer and decorator and if you plan to bring alcohol.


What to do if it rains: Most of the rooftops have no cover in case of rain, others have an inside room where you can hide. If you know that the rain would be an issue for you, always inquire about the location which has an inside room first.


3. Boat ride proposal


Summer and boats go hand in hand. There is no better season to enjoy the fresh breeze and views of the Manhattan skyline than summer. Here you have plenty of choices to  choose from:

1. You can rent a private boat

2. You can join a cruise and propose on a sunset over a champagne toast

3. You can propose ona water taxi

4. You can propose on the Staten Island ferry


If you are looking to propose in private, the boat rental would be the best option. Most of the boats are sailing for 2 hours and you can let the Captain know in advance where you want to propose so that he stops at the requested spot. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the boat. If you want to have a photographer with you it will be an extra person charge and you will need to let the Captain know in advance.

If a 2 -3 hour ride sounds too long for you, the water taxi or the ferry would be much better and quicker options. Once we had the full water taxi takeover, when the couple’s friends and family got on board and surprised the couple ( who were already there) with the balloons and ” will you marry me” sign.

Please be aware that sunrise and sunset tours are usually the most expensive, so be prepared to spend more than you were expecting.


What to do if it rains:  The boat rides are highly affected by the weather, so if it rains or the visibility is low the chances of cancellation are high. The cruises usually operate in rain, but again it will depend on the visibility.



Overall, when you are planning your perfect summer proposal, keep in mind that the sun is very harsh during the day so you need to plan the engagement either earlier in the morning or closer to the sunset. If you are ready to pop the question but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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