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Private rooftop marriage proposal with the Empire State Building view

Private rooftop is the best choice for a surprise marriage proposal. It is a great opportunity to give your partner that once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal experience.

When you choosing from the best private proposal ideas a rooftop should always be among the choices. By proposing on a rooftop, you always can be sure that your engagement will be private and you can freely express your feelings. Sometimes people are shy to express how they feel when there is a bunch of strangers looking at them, so it is always better to plan your proposal in an intimate setting.

We have more than 10 private rooftops in New York City, which are not bars or restaurants, but private venues. So when you choose one of them, you can be sure that there gonna be no one else except you two.

Our experienced team will be happy to guide you through the process from idea making to posing for your engagement pictures.

This beautiful proposal was a complete surprise for Ashley as she was sure they were going to an office party. When they walked to the rooftop and she saw the rose heart, she started to laugh and asked if there ever was a party planned. Brian smiled and get on one knee. She said “YES”.

Also, rooftops are perfect for sunset viewing. There is something magical in looking at the sunset with your partner by your side and the whole city around you.

If you planning to propose this summer, contact us now and let’s start planning your private rooftop proposal together.

Tatiana Caicedo

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