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Proposal Ideas we can steal from the Celebrity couples

You know you ready to pop the question, but cant decide how exactly you would like to do it? This time we get inspiration from the celebrity proposals. Yes they might have access to the luxury venues and exclusive engagement rings but they still need to come up with the perfect original idea for proposal.


So here is our top 5 Celebrities proposal ideas we can steal.


1) Propose at her Birthday


Might not sounds like a good idea, but look at the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s engagement. He proposed on her 33rd Birthday celebration. The rapper rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Parkhday and blasted the words “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!!” on the Jumbotron. Ok, that was epic and public.

How to adopt it for real life? If she is a sports fan, take her out on a game at her birthday and propose on the big screen. Might be too much? Then just surprise her with the ring on her big day.


2) Propose on the vacation trip


Russell Brand and Katy Perry proposal happened during the vacation in India. He arranged a surprise candlelit garden dinner. At the stroke of midnight, the duo was treated to a New Year’s fireworks celebration as they sat on top of an elephant.

This is probably the best way to propose to your significant one while you on vacation together. Explore the new city, try new cuisine and surprise her with the well planned proposal. If you planning to propose in New York don’t forget to contact us, we will arrange the best proposal she will remember for the rest of the life.


3) Propose on the romantic carriage rides in Central Park


Yes, that simple and elegant. Darren Le Gallo proposed to his long turn girlfriend Amy – Adams on a romantic ride in the park. That was simple and she never suspects anything.

Simplicity is the key! Sometimes people over thinking proposal so much that lost the whole point, which is to declare your love to the very special person.

Take a romantic carriage ride in the park, enjoy the sunset and ask the main question.


4) Propose with the sign


Look at Pink and her husband Carey Hart! While Carey was competing at a motocross event, the singer held up a sign that read “Will you marry me?” On his next lap around the track, the singer flashed another sign that said “I’m serious!” That one made Carey pull off to accept the offer. That is just soo cute and smart!

What you can do is to ask your friends or family to make “Marry Me?” sign and flash it during the proposal. If you proposing in New York, contact us and we will arrange that. While getting on your knee, we will flash the “Marry Me?” sign by your side. She wouldn’t expect it at all!


5) Add some mystery to it


Robbie Williams proposed to his girlfriend in a unique way. Robbie took four queen cards from the deck and handed them to Ayda. When she turned them over, each had a word written on it, which spelled out Will You Marry Me. That’s so creative and original.

What can we arrange in a similar manner? What about the love flipbooks! They look amazing and absolutely customized! Write your love story in a creative way.

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