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Propose with the music

Incorporating music into a marriage proposal is a perfect way to make your engagement more personal and romantic. It can be your favorite song or a popular romantic melody, whatever the budget is you can make it work. So here are our most memorable proposals with the music.


  1. Piano performance

That was really amazing experience. Our client composed a piano song and he really wanted to perform it for his girlfriend. He wanted to do it outside, but we face a permit problems, so the best solution was to bring a piano to the glass carousel. It was private, has the most spectacular view to the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge view and has a glass cover from the rain. The cover story was, that our couple were going to the restaurant but stop by the carousel to make some pictures, the guy saw a piano and asked if he can play. The carousel hostess said that it was left from the event and if he wants he can play while they closing up. So imagine his girlfriend surprise, when he start to play a song for her and she realises that everything was made for her only. Beautiful and very touchy.

2. Mariachi Band

Oh, that is absolutely amazing and surprising. The mariachi band is usually very loud, colorful and joyful. If you want to caught your partner off guard and add some music to your proposal, that is the best choice. Here our couple were having a party boat trip around Manhattan, when they arrived they notice some lights at the end of the pier and decided to come and check. It was a candlelight heart, so as soon as Pablo get on one knee, the mariachi band appeared and sing a love song. That was so beautiful. Those guys are always dressed in a traditional outfit and bring the live instruments. Looks and sounds amazing. 

3. Street musician

This is one of our most popular request for the marriage proposal in New York. Usually we agree in advance on the time and place with the client, and when he arrives to the spot our musician is already there playing some random songs, he started to interact with the couple and suggest to play something for them. And that’s the song that she likes, of course. So the guy is proposing and the girl is in shock as she never suspect its coming.  In this type of proposal, there is always that surprise factor, that makes the proposal so interesting and personal. 

This is perfect for proposals in Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge.

4. Musical Band

In this case the proposal can be based on the band. We can make you fake invitations for the popular band performance, so that she will be thinking you going to this private album release party. But when you arrive, the band is playing your song and it turned out to be a marriage proposal. The musical band is more professional and entertaining performance, as there are more professional equipment there. That is ideal for private rooftop proposals. The band automatically bring the mood to the event and you just want to dance and celebrate life. 

5. Classical Music

Classical music played on violin or saxophone is one of the key elements for the romantic proposal. It is ideal for a private rooftop proposal in New York. When the space is decorated with candles and flowers, the violin added the finale touch to create the relax and romantic mood. It is also fun, when first the classic music is played and after the proposal its a modern song played on the violin. 

From my experience it’s always good to add music to your proposal. It makes the moment more intimate and that song will always associated in your mind with this magical day. 


Also, don’t forget to hire a professional secret photographer. Our head photographer Vlad Leto, is  a well-known engagement photographer in New York. He mastered the skills of a discreet paparazzi style photography, so that your partner will have no clue someone is making pictures of you. 


If you planning your engagement and have no idea where to start, please contact us and our experience team will help you to create the best day in your life.


Tatiana Caicedo

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