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Rain or Shine

One of the most common question we always asked is “But what if it will be raining on that day?”


Of course, we all want that day to be perfect, but as the proverb says ” rain or shine, I will always be here for you”, so don’t let the weather to change your plans.


From the planning and photography point of view, it really no difference if its raining or sunny. The pictures will have different mood, but they still be amazing. Photographers loves rainy pictures as they can play with the drops and reflection, so the pictures are more artistic.


Dont change your plans. If you set up the day and determined to do on that day, just do it. We had clients who reschedule the proposal 3 or 4 times and we should say, girls already knows by that time that something is coming. So if you really looking for a surprise, just stick to your plan.


Of course, we not talking about the thunderstorms or snow storms,  but if it is a little snow or rain, just do it. Again, that is very memorable moment for both of you and she will be happy no matter what. Your effort, that what matters.


Also, if you know that the weather might be an issue look for the indoor and outdoor locations. Or discuss with your planner plan B, where you will move in case of the bad weather. We always do it, first we plan the ideal proposal spot and than we have the backup plan as well.


Think of the rooftops. Most of the rooftops has inside and outside areas, so you can be covered in case of rain.


From experience, rainy day proposals are more emotional. The umbrellas falling down, couple dancing under the rain or jumping in the water pebbles, so many great ideas for the pictures. So if you planning to pop the question, just do it. Think of plan B in case of bad weather, discuss with your photographer the photo session options and enjoy the day.


Good example, this wonderful couple. It was raining on that day, but Jason was very firm and he wanted to propose on that night. So when he brought his girlfriend on the private rooftop and she saw the “Marry Me?” sign, rain really doesn’t matters anymore. The couple was so happy and enjoyed the moment. Congratulations on your engagement!!!

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