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Rainy Day Proposal Ideas

Weather in New York is known to be unpredictable. One day it can be a beautiful warm day with a bright sky and another day it’s windy and rainy. And it is very hard to plan a proposal, knowing that the weather might not cooperate on that day.

Planning marriage proposals in New York for the past 5 years we saw it all: blizzards, tropical rains, harsh winds and very hot days and we come up with those valuable tips on how to plan a perfect marriage proposal on a rainy day.

Look for the covered location. 

When you looking for the proposal spot, choose the one that has a cover in case of rain. If it is a rooftop, look for the one that has an inside room. If you want to propose in a park, check the area for the spots that can provide a cover in case of the bad weather.

On our website, we have the following options for the rooftops with the inside rooms and cover in case of rain.

  1. New York City’s biggest secret rooftop – has the inside and outside areas, plus the roof cover.
  2. Freedom Tower view rooftop – has a beautiful inside room, that works perfectly on a cold day.
  3. Classic Empire State Building View rooftop – has a large inside room with the fireplace.
  4. Lady Liberty View terrace – beautiful 180-degree views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty, inside room has the huge floor to ceiling windows
  5. Luxury Suite  – 2 floors luxury penthouse with a huge terrace.

If you want to propose in a park our Private Carousel proposal will be a perfect option. The carousel has a glass couple and the breath-taking views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Stick to the plan 

If you decided to take the chance and found out that the weather will not be ideal on your proposal day, you can always ask to move the day around or just stick to the plan. In order to move the booking, you need to give at least a 3-day notice and there no guarantee there won’t be rain on that day as well. So really just stick to the plan and make the best of it.

  1. If it is going to rain on your proposal day, take an umbrella. Preferably a big one that can fit 3 people under its cover. Surprisingly most of the men don’t bring an umbrella to the proposal, so think of it as your second priority.
  2. Don’t panic and don’t stress out about the weather. If you keep talking about the rain on Friday for the whole week, she definitely will know that something is off. We know you want it to be perfect, but as you decided to take that chance and the weather is not ideal, just be prepared.
  3. As your partner has no idea about the upcoming surprise, try to come up with the cover story, which will give her the opportunity to dress up properly. If you both wearing rainy jackets, be ready to take them off for the pictures. So be dressed nicely.
  4. Think about transportation and traffic. If the weather is bad think of how you will get to the proposal location and the traffic. Most likely it will take you longer to get to the location, so plan time accordingly. If you proposing in a park, take the horse and carriage ride or the pedicab.

Think of the pictures 

Every photographer will tell you that rain makes the picture more interesting. It brings the reflection and extra mood to the shots, making it look more artistic. It also complicates the photographer’s job as water is damaging the equipment and limit some shots.

  1. You were planning to have those fun, sunny pictures but on your proposal day the weather is not cooperating and you getting a different vibe. Knowing about the weather conditions in advance gives you the opportunity to get prepared and search the web and get some inspiration pictures. It might not be what you had in mind initially, but let’s work with what we have.
  2. Be prepared to get wet. Even if you have the umbrella, some shots will require you to get off the cover and just be ready to get wet, especially when you will get on one knee. Also, be prepared to take off the jackets for the posing shots.
  3. If you planning to propose in a park on a rainy day, discuss with the photographer the covered locations spots. It is wise to finish the photo session 15 min earlier than to get sick. You can stop for the hot chocolate and do some pictures inside the cafe, rather than walking under the rain for an hour.

The main suggestion we can give is to be present and really share this moment with your partner. You may get caught up on the perfect proposal picture in your head and get upset when the day is ruined by the rain, but honestly, the moment you see your partner’s surprise and appreciation is that moment we are looking for. As the vows said ” I will be with you rain or shine”, so really just be present, be in a moment and enjoy it.

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